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Large Laser Camera Calibration 20mm - 150mm Format Camera Positioning Processing

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Large Laser Camera Calibration 20mm - 150mm Format Camera Positioning Processing

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Product Details

Quick Detail:

Coaxial is a system that is used to mark with the camera vision. The system is consisted of hardware and software. The software includes laser camera calibration and marking procession. Hardware includes coaxial adapters, cameras, light sources, and control cards.

2D type can work with 2D scan

3D type can work with 3D scan



Supports the positioning for any shape workpiece , calculate and find the workpiece edge , mostly be used in bar code recognition, marking and positioning for large format worpiece ;

provide the overall CCD system, can support various types of lasers to meet the processing requirements and positioning various shapes.

The hardware structure of the system is as follows: the optical path of the camera and the laser optical path are unified through a 45 ° reflect mirror.



Applicable scope:

1,higher precision logo processing

2,high reverse wafer positioning markingGear positioning processing

3,Marking when silicon detect

4,Chip processing:

5,button positioning marking:




Laser source type:fiber-optic laser,UV laser

The laser marking processing range:According to the attribution of lens

The range of camera positioning :According to the camera accuracy and the height of the camera erection

The number of positioning marking in each time:defined by user ;


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