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High Precision Laser Marking Control Card YAG / CO2 DC 5V / 3A

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High Precision Laser Marking Control Card YAG / CO2 DC 5V / 3A

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USB precision YAG / Green / UV / CO2 laser marking card (double layer)


Quick Detail:


Digital laser engraving card can control co2 or yag laser machine for laser marking and laser engraving .The software EZCAD Support CO2,YAG,IPG,SPI laser, adjusting currents, frequency, duty ratio in software





  • Data transfer: usb2.0 interface
  • Digital output used for scan head
  • Support FPK with three ways [optional]
  • Support high-speed fly marking with rotary encoder
  • Eight digital input and seven digital output used for other controlled equipments
  • 25 routes general digital signals(TTL compatible), 4 of the IO ports can be OC IO, can connect with relay .
  • LASER Signal: TTL,used for laser On/Laser Off .
  • PWM Signal:TTL,used to adjust the frequency and duty ratio.
  • Tow Direction/Pulse signals,used to control stepping motor.
  • START Signal: used to connect foot switch





  • Laser Marking
  • Laser Engraving
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Drilling circuit board via holes
  • Cutting cloth
  • Cutting paper






Output digital signals for digital scan head.


Support single machine with multi-card.One computer work with 2 pieces of  USBLMC card and marking different content.

Extend axis output: Two Direction/pulse signals,used to control stepping motor or servomotor for rotary marking and split marking

12 routes general input signal.(TTL compatible)

13 routes general output signal (TTL compatible).4 Output can be OC

USB 2.0 Compatible



Electrical Parameter

Power supply parameters: DC 5V/3A

Connector:USB connector/DB connector

Signal:25 routes general digital signal.(TTL compatible)

Mechanical parameters

Storage Temperature: - 20℃ ~ + 60℃

Working temperature: 25 ℃ ± 10 ℃




DB 9 male/female sockets

USB cable (1.5m)

DB 15 male/female sockets

D/A board

DB 25 male/female sockets





Competitive Advantage:


Good quality ,work stable ,famous software EZCAD.

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