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Robotic Arm Brass 3D Laser Cutting Machine for Carbon Steel Metal

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Robotic Arm Brass 3D Laser Cutting Machine for Carbon Steel Metal

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Robotic Arm Brass 3D Laser Cutting Machine for Carbon Steel Metal



3D laser cutting technology has increased widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry for auto parts,such as whole car body, door, trunk, roof and other aspects.



3D Laser Cutting Benefits

1. Flexible: Complex 3D components can be laser cut easily at any point.

2. Efficient: Extremely dynamic and fast.

3. Precise: Achieves precise cutting results.

4. Non-wearing: Non-contact process for minimal maintenance and spare parts costs.

5. Rapid set-up times: Use one tool for all tasks.

6. Clean: Extract smoke with high-performance exhaust air purification systems.



Machine Features Introduction

1. Laser: high-performance fiber lasers, high efficiency, low cost of comprehensive use.


2. The cutting head is equipped with 2400 robots from ABB, the world-renowned robot brand. The robot is agile, powerful and built-in QuickMove. It can improve the path precision and shorten the beat time. The robot software can detect the internal load of the robot effectively. Overload, extended service life, flexible integration, flexible production, can only control, compact and efficient.


3. With the cutting head: optional use of the international top brands of cutting head, to ensure that the laser is always in the focus position to ensure that the cutting effect; offer standard with the same cutting capacity of homemade laser head, more economical and more affordable.


4. Auxiliary blowing system: the system integrates high pressure air, nitrogen, oxygen three gas source structure and high and low pressure conversion gas path, the customer can according to processing quality requirements and cost of choice of auxiliary gas.


5. Lubrication system: The machine is equipped with manual lubrication system to reduce the wear of moving parts and ensure the movement speed of the whole machine.



Technical parameter of 3D laser cutting machine


OV 3DR-1000

Laser Type

Imported Fiber Laser

Laser Power


According to the material type and thickness of workpiece

Robot specifications


Weight bearing of arm


Max radius of arm span



180° to -180° 175°/S


155° to -95° 175°/S


75° to -180° 175°/S


400° to -400° 360°/S


120° to -120° 360°/S

Axis1(Turn over)

400° to -400° 360°/S

Robot repetitive of positioning accuracy


Cutting Speed


According to the power of the selected laser,
material type and thickness of workpiece

Cooling Mode

air cooling/ water cooling

According to the power of the selected laser



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