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1064 / 532 / 1320 Q Switched Nd Yag Laser Machine For Tattoo Pigmentation Removal Birthmark Removal

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Address: B-605 Haibo Plaza Fengcheng 9 Road Xi'an Shaanxi Province, China

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Xi'an Taibo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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1064 / 532 / 1320 Q Switched Nd Yag Laser Machine For Tattoo Pigmentation Removal Birthmark Removal

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City & Province Shaanxi
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1064 / 532 / 1320 Q Switched Nd Yag Laser Machine For Tattoo Pigmentation Removal Birthmark Removal



How is it working?


Lasers work by directing energy toward ink in the skin with highly concentrated colored light beams. These laser beams break up ink particles into tiny fragments which are later cleared up by the body’s scavenging cells. This process of fragmenting the ink particles requires numerous sessions depending on the depth of the ink level. The procedure is bloodless and no incisions are made. The laser selectively targets the pigment of the tattoo without damaging the surrounding skin. With deeper penetration of the skin and multiple sessions however, the heat generated by the lasers may cause pain and blister formation.




A laser can produce the right wavelengths of light, but unless this energy is applied for the right length of time and with sufficient power, the desired effect will not be achieved.


Tattoo ink can be difficult to shatter and remove, and only Q-switched lasers are able to produce sufficient fluence (energy or power) to remove dark and bright tattoos without unattractive side effects like scarring. Q-switched laser pulses last mere nanoseconds (billionths of a second), providing high levels of fluence for quality ink shattering.




Wastage power1000VA
Voltage220V, 10A, 60HZ;110V, 10A, 50HZ
Output modeQ-switch Pulsed output
Wavelength1064nm, 532nm, 1320nm
Pulse Duration10±3ns
Single Pulse energy100mj-2000mj
Safety distanceNOHD 1km. Operator must wear goggles
Cooling systemWater cooling
Work modeContinually work with intervals
Spot Size1-10mm adjustable
Guide light beam650nm red laser


Machine details



Before and after






What determines the success of tattoo removal?

Complete removal of a tattoo is based on several things.* The size, location, application, age, and color of the tattoo all factor in, as well as the health of the patient and thus their body’s ability to heal. Newer tattoos are generally more difficult to remove. Tattoos that have dark ink are easier to remove while tattoos with yellow and red pigments are harder and require more treatments.

How long does each treatment take?

Laser treatment usually does not take more than a few minutes, yet this time frame varies greatly depending on the tattoo.


How many treatments will I need?

This all depends on the size, complexity, and color of the tattoo, the overall health of the patient, and whether the tattoos were done professionally or by an amateur.* Multiple sessions are required to remove most tattoos. Most simple tattoos are treated in 2-4 treatments. Professional tattoos usually require 6-10 treatments for complete clearing.* Tattoos with red and red hues will require more treatments.* Treatments are done usually once a month.* At your complimentary consultation, Dr. Tang can provide you an approximate estimate on the number of treatments.


What happens during the tattoo removal treatment?

Once the individual is ready for treatment, protective eye shields are worn to protect the eyes from the laser. The skin’s reaction to the laser is tested to determine the most effective energy. This is followed by the physician activating a small probe against the tattoo. Treatment continues with rapid pulses from the laser. Depending on the size of the tattoo, 10-30 pulses of the laser may be required in one session.* Depending on the patient, some will require a topical anesthetic prior to the laser treatment.*


What happens after each treatment?

After each laser treatment, ice is immediately placed on the tattoo to minimize swelling and is continued for the next 4-6 hours. Direct sun exposure should be avoided for the several days. A hot shower in the area should also be avoided that night. Otherwise, the treated area should be cared for like sunburned skin.


We supply 2 Years warranty:

1. User manual, video and treatment protocol will be offered with the machines.
2. Strict quality test, the machine will be tested for 2 days before delivery.
3. If the problem actually happens, we will help to repair and all the accessories needed will be sent for free.
4. If out of warranty time, we will still help to solve the problems, and clients need to pay for the cost and shipping cost of the accessories.
5. We have engineers who are very professional and can speak English well, they will help you in time.
6. Professional R&D team, programmers and designers, all the machines are in continuously improving and every year we will develop new model to meet clients’ needs. We also offer ODM&OEM service, clients can customize their own unique products, logo, languages, color, appearance...

Company introduction

Xi'an Taibo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. takes the leading in applying advanced laser and Intense light technology in beauty industry. Now we developed IPL series, E-light, Co2 fractional laser, 808nm diode laser, ultrasonic cavitations, fractional RF and hair re-growth laser, 980nm diode laser, cryolipolysis, lipo laser, water oxygen jet peel system, etc.
With efficient R & D team, mass production ability and reliable quality control system, Our company offer OEM&ODM service and help our clients build up their own reputation and more competitive in the market. All the process of the producing is under ISO13485 Quality system and match with CE certification request.


Contact information

Company: Xi'an Tai Bo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Building B-605 Haibo Plaza FengCheng 9 Road Xi’an Shaanxi Province
E-mail: vera@taibobeauty.com
Phone/WhatsApp: 0086-18710738373
Fax: 86-029-86677223


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