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Laser Cutter PE-M2200

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Product Details

PE-M2200 Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Applied Field :
PE-M2200 adopts the 2200W laser power to achieve the accurate cutting, such as: 15 mm Mild steel, 6 mm stainless steel, 3 mm aluminum, zinc, brass and other metal materials. It has excellent processing for the various high-brittle hard alloys. In the lines of hardware and metal sheet industries, laser cutting technology can be partially replace the line cutting.
The machine adopts the high efficient CNC numerical control software, PC controller; it has the merits of powerful software, simple operation, full compatibility with the CAD, CAXA software, easy maintenance. It is the high-performance laser processing equipment with prospective broad application.
Metal has good absorption on the wavelength of 1064 nm laser, and therefore almost all the surface of the metal can be sculptured. It is widely used in hardware, precise machinery, automobile components, glasses, clocks and watches, precise cutting, medical equipment, instrumentation, and other metal-related industry.







Product Features:
1.High Performance Yaskawa motors fixed to a gantry and cross slide structure.
2.Superior edge quality with maximum cutting speed.
3.High precision driven box using World Leader-Top Quality Rack & Pinion Drive Technologies and Gearbox.
4.Advanced European dual processor CNC system for axes movement.
5.Direct laser control with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).
6.5.0” and 7.5” Focal Length High Pressure Lenses with Digital focus adjustment.
7.Automatic Gas Assist System.
8.Advanced Cutting Head anti-collision device.
9.Pallet shuttle system with two 3050mm by 1550mm working pallets.
10. Windows? Driven Control Software with Materials Parameters Database.
11.Fully Interlocked Safety Enclosure on cutting table.
12.Advanced Metal Cutting Post Processor software (Lantek, Alma, AutoCAD).
13.Quick and easy installation with no special foundation require.
Technical Data:
Table Travel
In (mm)
X Axis 120 (3000)
Y Axis 60 (1500)
Z Axiz 6 (150)
Maximum Speed
Ipm (m/min)
2800 (70)
Maximum Thickness
15 Mm Mild Steel
6 Mm (With Standard 7.5 Lens) Stainless Steel
3 Mm Aluminum
Maximum Acceleration
Static Accuracy (Vdi 3441)
In/In (mm/mm)
0.0015/60 (0.038/1500)
In (mm)
0.0006 (0.015)
Load Capacity
Lbs (Kg)
1,800 (800)
Overall System Weight
Lbs (Kg)
14,300 (6500) (Including Pallet Server)
Useful Life Time

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