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Modern Design Helical Cutter Planer Alloy Tipped Knifes High Performance

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Modern Design Helical Cutter Planer Alloy Tipped Knifes High Performance

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Modern Design Professional Alloy Tipped Knifes Helical Spiral Cutter Head ​​ ​​​



Product Information


When you think of the straight knives in your original cutter head, they work just like a fan that moves air at very high speeds. This is what is causing the high noise levels when no wood is passing through the machine. With a helical cutterhead, the knives are only 15mm (about ½” wide) and the air movement caused by each individual knife causes so much less noise that even the addition of all knives doesn’t generate as much noise as one straight knife.
Chip-outs are the number one problem for many woodworkers when it comes to planing wood. Especially some hardwoods such as Maple always tend to show small holes in the surface after the wood went through the planer or over the jointer. This is caused by the straight knives when they start to become dull as the wood sometimes offers such density that the knives no longer cut but break or actually tear wood chips out of the surface. Many spiral cutter heads on the market reduce this problem as only small single knives cut the wood at any given time but this is where the cutter head makes all the difference: The knives are sitting on a diagonal angle on the head and therefore, offer a SHEAR cut instead of a straight cut. This SHEAR cut virtually eliminates chip outs.


Product Specification






1. Heavy & Light duty is available.

2. Heavy duty:37°, Light duty: 30°.

3. Other specifications are available upon request.


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