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Address: Add:901#, Blding 3, WanShuDanDi, Changsha 410014, Hunan, China.

Phone: 86-731-83959673

Contact name:Cara Shaw

Kingherbs Limited

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Kingherbs is specialized in high-value botanical derivatives. Began from 1996, the company grows from an international trader to a group which operates two factories, offers botanical & herbal ingredients for dietary, food supplement, food additive, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, natural nutrient product, pharmaceuticals,agriculture and feed.

As a leading manufacturer and trader, Kingherbs offers extended services as to help clients source materials from trusted manufacturers in all parts of China, examples are Chemicals, Minerals & Vitamins and their premix, Fruit and vegetable Powders & concentrated Juices. Kingherbs can offer further processing services as soft gel, capsule,granule and tablet, saving clients the trouble of sourcing for themselves, and assuring quality from our intimate knowledge of the Chinese manufacturers and markets, and by visiting the suppliers personally.

Kingherbs is always up-to-date with current industry practices, and can produce and analyze ingredients according to any desired international standards: USP, EP, BP or CP. Kingherbs wants to be your favored supplier in China, by keeping our quality and services a step ahead.

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Company Name: Kingherbs Limited
City: Changsha
Province: Hunan
Address: Add:901#, Blding 3, WanShuDanDi, Changsha 410014, Hunan, China.