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Ionic wind serpent

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Ionic wind serpent

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Product Details

Product Description
ELET-006 Ionic wind serpent is a snake tubes can be manually deformed so that the nozzle to the target position, Inaccessible or contact objects to eliminate static electricity or dust, no operation can be used to direct air blowing from the target surface. Airflow controller flow size, placement flexibility, ion needle easy to replace, job stability, strong winds and eliminate static electricity rate high sensitivity.  (Need to be equipped ELET brand, the use of special high-voltage generator)

Product Feature
Operating Voltage 4600V Ccrrent Consumption 200uA  Operating Temperature 0 --- 50 ℃ Length Of hose (snake tube length) 330MM (extended upon request) Operating air pressure (air pressure of work) 40 --- 70psi Operating air velocity (flow speed of work) >10 m / sec Consumption 10 liters / min   Ion Balance 0V ± 30v

Product Specification/Models
1 .Test data in order to use ME268A static tester test results shall prevail. 2 .The test data for testing the environmental air temperature and humidity vary Features: Snakes are free to change the wind direction blowing leaching; Photoelectric sensor automatically out of the wind Quick in and static. Application: Electronic assembly line; Medical devices packaging; Semiconductor manufacturing and flat panel display manufacturing; Packaging, injection molding production;

Other Information
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