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Anhui Kuaitong Technologies Co.,Ltd

About Us

Anhui Kuaitong Technologies Co.,Ltd. is an expert manufacturer for tube cleaning equipment. Our products include central air conditioning tube cleaner, condenser tube cleaner, air preheater tube cleaner, boiler tube cleaner, air duct cleaning equipment, high pressure washer, kitchen duct cleaning brushing robot and related accessories.

Our products effectively solved the cleaning problems in tube cleaning field and other cleaning field, improved the maintenance efficiency in industrial and commercial field, not limited to building and device maintenance companies, heating system, Ventilation system, central air conditioning, chemical industry, Petrochemical Industry, power plant, manufacturing company, food processing industry, transportation and distribution system, paper industry, ship industry, maritime industry and etc.

Under the concept High efficiency, environmental friendly, energy saving”, we advocate the cleaning with force”, solve the cleaning problems without chemical cleaning agent which might make pollution to the environment. Our products have been exported to USA, Spain, UK and many other countries, the quality has been widely recognized and praised.

Our company insist on creating value for customers, creating opportunities for staff, creating wealth for society. We have built the R&D center which integrate research, design and developing, also we have a strong team for fast-response sales, service and technical support.All Kuaitong products use high quality components to ensure stable and reliable quality.

We continue increase R & D investment, developed the dual shaft equipment, which could work stably under heavy-duty condition. Our shaft is specially designed to avoid water and power leaking with water inlet on shaft.

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Company info

Company Name: Anhui Kuaitong Technologies Co.,Ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.ketontools.com/