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Address: 4-02,block A,commercial street,Hanlin ming yuan,Anshun street,bo tou,chang zhou, Hebei, China

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BOTOU KEMAI PUMPS CO.,LTD is china pump supplier.Main products:
Gear pumps series: KCB gear pumps, 2CY gear pumps, large-flow gear pumps, gear pumps, copper wheel gear pumps, all stainless steel gear pumps, YCB series arc pumps, circular arc gear pumps;
Marine gear pump, gear pump, Marine centrifugal pump, the main engine lube oil pump, 2 CG, high-temperature KCG series gear pump, dc gear pump CHY, NYP series high viscosity pump internal gear pump, with high viscosity, NCB LCB type heat pump, RCB, LQB cast steel insulation asphalt pump, LC, LCW type roots pump, hard tooth surface residue oil pump, pump of heavy oil, heavy oil coal tar is special pump, CB belt bridge type gear pump.
Centrifugal pumps series: RY air-cooled hot oil pumps, heat transfer pumps, heat pumps, CYZ self-priming centrifugal pumps, AY single two stage centrifugal pumps.
Sliding-vane pumps series: sliding-vane pumps, YPB sliding-vane pumps, also known as gasoline sliding-vane pumps, diesel sliding-vane pumps, chemical sliding-vane pumps, this type of pumps specialized in the delivery of gasoline, diesel, benzene and other similar media, for large-scale chemical plants, oil tankers, gas stations, ships refueling.
By virtue of advanced production equipment, rigorous design concept and exquisite processing technology, our factory has the advantages of developing high-end gear pump products and mass production, and can meet users' requirements for various gear pumps.
And a number of domestic design institutes and established a long-term business cooperation relations!
Various special gear pump products can be designed and customized according to different requirements of users to be suitable for use in different working conditions.
For example: stainless steel gear pump, flammable and explosive gear pump, acid and alkali resistant gear pump and so on!
Three-screw pump series: SNH three-screw pump, SNF three-screw pump, SNS series screw pump;
3G three-screw pump, 3GR three - screw pump, 3GC three-screw pump, 3GF three - screw pump, 3GBW heat asphalt pumps, 3GL three-screw pump.

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City: anshun
Province: guizhou
Country: china
Address: 4-02,block A,commercial street,Hanlin ming yuan,Anshun street,bo tou,chang zhou, Hebei, China