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Hydraulic High frequency Tarpaulin welding machine Canvas welding Machine

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Hydraulic High frequency Tarpaulin welding machine Canvas welding Machine

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Quick Detail:

1.Description:  Hydraulic Canvas welding machine
2.Power: 8KW
3.Input power: 15KVA
4.Vibration tube: 7T85RB
5.Operate Style: Pneumatic
6.OEM and ODM acceptable
7.CE certification


KBG-10KWC-H Canvas welding machine Features

1.Apply for PVC tent, canvas, advertising painting cloth, etc welding.
2.It is easy to control, convenient, It well make your products good looking and attractive
3.When sparks occur, the special electronic circuit on this machine works automatically, and cuts high frequency immediately to suppress arcs and minimize damage to electrodes and materials
4.Alarm lamp also works simultaneously
5.Adopt High sensitivity NL5557 Anti-spark device, effectively prevent burn die.
6.Stable high frequency output: international industrial wave bands 27.12MHZ which is in line with international standard
7. European standard high-frequency oscillatory square box, output greater and more stable.

What are the advantages of HF over other straight heat technologies?
Unlike with a straight heat weld, the material is only heated while HF is being generated.HF-generated heat does not radiate off the die like that on a straight heat machine.This prevents heat-degradation of the material.Once the HF is turned off, the material stops being heated, but remains under pressure to allow it to be cooled under compression.Better welding result and more control over the melt can be achieved


The HF Tarpaulin welding machine Suitable for many kinds of film fabrics welding, Canvas for truck and printed advertisement canvas conjunctions; and all kinds of canvas welding, and fabric structures welding, inflatable toys welding, raincoat or other leather products and any other P.V.C or P.V.C 30% contained plastic products high frequency welding



DescriptionPVC Tarpaulin welding machine
Power supply220V/ 380V  50/60HZ
Input power20KVA
RectifierSilicon Diode
Vibration tubeE3069RB
Spark protection5557
Max Pressure5 Ton
Gap of electrodes150MM
Up electrode50*800mm
Down electrode150*900mm
Operate styleHydraulic
Time adjust0-10S adjustable

Competitive Advantage:

1. Our factory Machines produced with good quality parts, and competitive price. Machine warranty is for One year, for all the machines itself quality problems which in normal use and under warranty, we'll provide maintenance and provide machine parts free of charge.
2. For all our machines before delivery had passed Ke-beige Limited strict inspection, at least be testing 24-48 hours before delivery.
3. Provide ODM and OEM, Customers only need to told us the products which request for cleaning, and their detailed cleaning requirements, our engineers will provide them perfect solution free of charge. Also, clients own machine design and requirements all be OK.  
4. After-sale service: To make sure our high quality and top service from us, before order will send the machine design drawing and specifications to clients for confirmation, before machine delivery we'll testing the machines 24-48 hours and QC fully inspection, if there is any problem in Customer's place, we'll helping to checking out the problem and provide the machine parts for replace free of charge, if can't to solve please return to us for a new one replace.


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