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karmasteels company

About Us

The main thrust of our business is forgings
(Open die as well as Closed die) ranging from a few grams to almost 4
M.T. single piece from diverse materials like (Carbon, Alloy and
Stainless Steels) and non-ferrous (Aluminium and Copper Alloys). We specialize in the manufacture of
tailor-made components and assemblies for diverse end users like Steel
Plants, Machine Tools, Cements, Fertilizers, Petroleum, Petrochemicals,
Ship Building, Mining, Material Handling etcWe are a professionally managed company well
 conversant with the manufacture of precision mechanical items,
assemblies and special machines of light, medium and heavy engineering

Hot Products

High Tensile Wheel Bolt Material42CrMo4 Heat Treated to 39 - 44 HRc Property Class 12.9 (ISO898) ...
Finished Machined Twist Lock & Guide for Elme Spreader
Trunnion Wheel Assembly For 12' x 80' Long Dryer Roller MaterialAISI 1070 (Heat Treated) Shaft ...
Torque Arm For Atox Mill No. 37.5 Finish Wt. 95 Kg. MaterialEN 24, Forged, Heat Treated & Finish ...
Tension Pin (Finished) Material42CrMo4 (Heat Treated) Construction: Drop Forged & heat treated to ...
Swivel Pin (Forged) MaterialEN-24 Nut MaterialEN-9 IS2062, Locking Plate

Company info

Company Name: karmasteels company
Country: China
Website: http://www.karmasteels.com/