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Futurz E-Commerce Pvt. co.,Ltd.

Futurz E-Commerce Pvt. co.,Ltd.

About Us

The engineering industry is rapidly progressing with advanced technologies being unleashed daily. This ever changing scenario provides opportunities which go unnoticed. Mr. Sandeep, a dynamic and experienced professional in the precision tooling industry and founder of Kaizen realized that there were potential, niche markets across the world, which could be added to Kaizen’s client portfolio. The Kaizen team embraced this opportunity and emerged as a leading manufacturer of Tablet Dies & Punches.

Kaizen is a globally recognized manufacturer of tablet tools. We continue to serve this core industry and have a track record for two successful decades. Our competency and capabilities lie in design and development of dies and punches, tailored to meet your specific requirements technically as well as commercially.

Kaizen brings to its customers, innovative and cost effective solutions for tablet tooling with incorporation of latest technological developments.

Hot Products

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Company info

Company Name: Futurz E-Commerce Pvt. co.,Ltd.
Country: China
Website: http://www.kaizenint.com/