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Jiaozuo WuYang cathodic protection anticorrosive Co., LTD

Jiaozuo WuYang cathodic protection anticorrosive Co., LTD

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Jiaozuo WuYang cathodic protection anticorrosive limited company, the company is engaged in cathodic protection materials and magnesium alloy processing of r&d, production and trade into an integrated technology-based enterprise, this company founded in 2005, including management personnel five people, senior engineer 2, intermediate technical staff of four people.

Cathodic protection to prevent the metal electrochemical corrosion is one of the most effective ways to it through to protected metal put some cathodic current, make its cathodic polarization, when metal potential of a potential value when the defeat, corrosion of an anodic dissolution process can effectively restrain, according to providing cathodic current in different ways, cathodic protection is divided again sacrificial anode and impressed current method two kinds. Sacrificial anode method is a kind of potential more negative metal and alloy and protected metal structures electrical connections, through electric negative metal and alloy of constant drain dissolve, to provide protection current protected objects, the metal structures are protected. Impressed current is DianZhuan become low voltage dc external communication, through the auxiliary anodes will protect electricity circulated handed protected metal structures, thus make the corrosion, be suppressed, the system through GSCC electrode potential and will control signal measurement feedback to rectifers, to adjust the output current, thus makes the metal structures is always in good protection condition.

The main products of the company are: aluminum sacrificial anode series, zinc alloy sacrificial anode series, magnesium alloy sacrificial anode series, magnesium ribbon, zinc belt, duriron anode protection, and cathodic protection supporting materials, magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy casting bar semi-continuous plank, magnesium alloy profile of a dozen varieties and hundreds of specifications.

Magnesium alloy sacrificial anode main use: magnesium alloy sacrificial anode suitable for underground and freshwater of oil and gas, water supply and drainage pipelines, underground cable, chemical industry, communication, harbor, ship proceeds, reservoir strobe engineering anticorrosion protection.

Magnesium ribbon sacrificial anode main use: for the high resistivity environment, inner tubes pipeline, pipe temporary protection of cathodic protection, a tank and network protection, prevent &high interference grounding gate.

Aluminum - zinc alloy sacrificial anode - indium is mainly USES: aluminum zinc alloy indium department - - the seawater sacrificial anode for ship, mechanical equipment, ballast water cannons, inner storage, binhai facilities, submarine pipeline, wharf steel pile, offshore, cable facilities such as metal anti-corrosion of cathodic protection.

Zinc - aluminum alloy - cadmium zinc sacrificial anode main use: aluminum alloy - - cadmium sacrificial anode applicable seawater, weak seawater medium ship, mechanical equipment, ocean engineering and port facilities and low resistivity soil of the pipeline, cable facilities such as metal anti-corrosion of cathodic protection.

Zinc with the main purpose of the: zinc belt anode widely used in petroleum, chemical, Marine engineering, transportation, power, municipal engineering, and other fields, usually used for resistivity below 2000 ohms centimeters of medium, if protected steel structure has very good coating in the soil moisture, zinc belt can be used for higher than 2000 anode ohm. Centimeters of medium, in order to improve the performance of zinc belt anode, can use filler, standard of filling material is calcium sulfate add bentonite to absorb and keep moisture, reduce resistance.

High silicon-iron anodes main purpose: high silicon-iron anodes widely polyonal oil RIGS, underground pipelines, underground cables facilities such as the impressed current cathodic protection.

Test pile main use: mainly used in the detection of test postjunction cathodic protection effect and operation parameters, according to the different effect has potential test pile, current test pile, protective effect test piece test pile.

Aluminum heat flux USES: aluminum heat flux used in gas, petroleum, natural gas chemical steel tube of cathodic protection and electric cables welding.

CST electrode application:

1, accurate monitoring cathodic protection status. The potential for sacrificial anode protection measurement,

2, the impressed current cathodic protection system and automatic control of the stable source, suitable for buried pipelines and underground metal structures of cathodic protection engineering;

3, can be buried in the need to monitor and cannot enter position. Such as: large containers bottom center position; Underground fu

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Company Name: Jiaozuo WuYang cathodic protection anticorrosive Co., LTD
City: Jiaozuo
Province: Henan
Country: China
Address: Jiaozuo WuZhiXian culture road 118
Website: http://www.jzwuyang.com/