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Hebei JinXin Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Hebei JinXin Machinery Co., Ltd is one stop drilling service manufacture and treading company. We design, purchase and export high performance equipment and spare parts for drilling sites. Before company registered, all our group workers are all in supply line more than 10 years. Our products were exported to America, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, India, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom etc.


Mud System:Drilling Fluid Solids Control System, HDD and CSM exploration mud purification system, Piling and River dredging system, Drilling waste management system and solid-liquid separation system, High pressure rubber hose and BOP.

Solids control equipment:Drilling fluid shale shaker, Hydrocyclone desander, Hydrocyclone desilter, Mud cleaner, Horizontal decanter centrifuge, Vertical cutting dryer, High G dry shaker, Vacuum degasser, Centrifugal pump, Shearing pump, Agitators, Mud gun, Jet mud mixer and hoppers, Mud gas separator, Flare ignition device, Auger conveyor, Screw pump, Mud tank, Cyclones, Flanges, Shaker screens, Rotary control devices, Choke and Kill hose etc.

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Company Name: Hebei JinXin Machinery Co.,Ltd
Country: china