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Jiangsu JST limited

Jiangsu JST limited

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Jiangsu JST Group was established in 1997. After nineteen years’ development, JST has become a national high and new tech enterprise with about 1 000 employees. The registered capital of JST Group is 10.028 million yuan while the enterprise covers a factory area of about 0.278 million square meters. In addition, its headquarter is located in Nanjing while there are three intelligent manufacture bases established in Jiangsu.

JST Group owns four subsidiary companies including Jiangsu JST Technology Co., Ltd, JST Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd, Jiangsu JST Radio Frequency System Co., Ltd,Jiangsu Jiaqisheng Technology Co.,Ltd.

JST Group provides information technology as well as intelligently manufactured product solutions, offering products such as antenna radio frequency products, intelligent equipment cabinets, high-end equipment radiators and structural parts professionally. JST Group is equipped with rich manufacture experience in precision die-cast, precision cutting processing, precision sheet-metal, mold design and manufacture, surface processing, material composition.

Centered on supply chain, technology chain and resource chain, JST Group develops from single product production to integrated service of terminal-to-terminal system products through deep integration. By constantly improving independent design, precision manufacture of industry chain, overall product installation and adjustment as well as program service level, JST Group has formed an integrated development mode of products for industrial intelligent platform.

JST Group, which focuses on independent research & development and technology innovations, has established headquarter research & development base in Nanjing and product innovation center and provincially engineering technology center in Dongtai, Jiangsu. Currently, JST Group is entitled with over 100 innovation and utility model patents and becomes a key enterprise in new industries of Jiangsu Province.

In addition, the enterprise, which focuses on personnel cultivation and development, devotes itself to establishing a team which is full of vigor and has the courage for exploration as well pulls together, thus offering the employees with extensive development space.

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Company Name: Jiangsu JST limited
Country: China
Website: http://www.jstcom.com.cn/