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Graphic dot matrix LCD module Graphics COB

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Graphic dot matrix LCD module Graphics COB

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Product Details

Technical parameters:
Product model: MB145100
Dot matrix display specification: 145 * 100 graphics
Point array number: 145 * 100
Appearance as ": 84.0 * 44.0 * 44.0 MM
Horizon ": 60.0 x 18.0 MM
Positioning size: 88.0 * 65.0 mm
Point between the distance: 0.43 x 0.43
Some big small: 0.38 x 0.38
Control unit: SED1520 or
Display mode: negative/positive display (optional)
Visual Angle: 6 / / 12 (optional)
Working temperature: - 20~ + 70
Storage temperature: - 30~ + 80
Category: liquid crystal display module > > graphics lattice
Mode of transmission: transmission/semi-permeable/reflection (optional)
Glass type: the STN yellow green screen or blue screen
High reliability: 50000 hours
For than degrees: can be adjusted
The process forms: COB strong anti-interference ability
LED backlight type: white or yellow light green light blue (optional)
8-bit data bus interface of MCU 8080 model
Working voltage: 3 v or 5 v (- 21 v voltage generated by the liquid crystal module itself)
Working current: about 2 ma (without backlight power consumption)
Data transmission: parallel/serial port (optional) anti-interference design,
Display: blue screen effect for the blue white, yellow green screen with yellow to black on yellow background, with the white light of white/blue words show effect
Order: instruction function is strong, can be combined into various input, display, displacement method in order to meet different requirements
Our products are standard and non-standard products, can produce code, character lattice, the graph lattice, COG, COB, TAB, such as LCD module, TN, HTN, the STN, FSTN, CSTN, TFT different pattern, such as product, it can display type, license blue word, black white, black, yellow, black, blue words blue black, green, blue white, black, yellow background with black, orange, black, two-color, three color, multicolor, 65 k color, 260000 true color and various color display. Graphics lattice is 3.8 inch, 5.1 inch, 5.7 inch, 320240, 25632, 240200, 240160, 240128, 240160, 19264, 160210, 160128, 128128, 12864, 128128, 12232, 13232, 13265, 13232, 9696, 9664, 9626, 9664, such as character lattice, 4004, 4002, 2004, 2002, 1604, 1603, 1602, 1601, 0802, etc., CSTN, TFT color screen is 1.5 inch, 1.8 inch, 2.0 inch, 2.2 inch, 2.4 inch, 2.8 inch, 3.2 inch, 3.5 inch, 4.3 inch, 5.6 inch, 7.0 inch and 8.0 inch, 10.2 inch, circuit design is reasonable, reliable, one-time success rate of new products.
I company for many years the development and production of bluetooth LCD/LCM module, market bluetooth hands-free, bluetooth display mirror, car bluetooth intelligent display products compatible: partner signed an agreement with our company, our company will according to the actual circumstances of the partner bluetooth LCD/LCM products, product research and development and production, supply partners, flexible cooperation way, we will provide a PDF file, welcome various merchants to come to discuss.
LCD/LCM LCD interface technology as an important screen machine, LCD/LCM is widely used in all kinds of intelligent instruments. The company's products based on S6B0107 driver chip, develop the intelligence of LCM/LCM module as an example, introduces in both English and Chinese character encoding and storage methods. Solved using extraction font software from a computer or microcontroller to extract different format of Chinese character dot matrix Chinese character data, and then translate into for liquid crystal displays, S6B0107 chip direct call for a251 / A51 assembler language format of the data, so as to drive LCD/LCN shows, using assembly language to write the interactive program is also given and its operating results.
With a large number of electronic instrument multi-functional and intelligent, and widely used display mode, you need to be able to show more abundant information and general LCD/LCM displays, dot matrix LCD/LCM display can meet these requirements, at the same time with large-scale application-specific integrated circuit as dot-matrix LCD/LCM control driving instruction function, can be combined into various input, display, modes to meet different application requirements.
Developed LCD/LCM module application scope: security alarm device, instrument and meter, handheld devices, small intelligent monitoring device, password keyboard products such as display terminal. Attendance access control machine, electric power automation, lottery terminals, jet, phonetic learning machine, automobile products (car bluetooth, bluetooth hands-free, bluetooth display lens, bluetooth MP3, GPS terminals, car reversing radar,) 1. The banking system (such as: bank of POS system) 2. Communication products (wireless can, wireless fixed-line and wireless business, all kinds of IC card telephone, caller id telephone, IP card phone) 3. The tax sys

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