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Stainless steel material dumpling maker machine

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Stainless steel material dumpling maker machine

Country/Region China
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Product Details

Stainless steel material dumpling maker machine

The description of dumpling maker machine

Dumpling machine/Samosa machine/Spring roll machine/Ravioli machine changes dumpling machine thoroughly break the traditional pattern, a new generation of traditional dumpling machine and machine together as one, use, operation, performance is more convenient, a new generation of Dumpling machine/Samosa machine/Spring roll machine/Ravioli machine helps improve work efficiency and quality guarantee efficient production.

The features of dumpling maker machine

1.Scientific structure, automatic forming: forming characteristics in accordance with dumplings/samosas/spring rolls/raviolis, dual-control two-way synchronization dosing principle, another noodle production without tape, just the dough and stuffing into the designated entry, boot automatically produce dumplings .

2. Simple operation, strong controllability: the amount of filling, dough thickness can be adjusted to produce the dumplings, thin filling full production speed, saving labor, time.

3. Unique design, a multi-purpose machine: simply replace the mold, it can create different shapes, different sizes of pasta foods. Such as: ordinary dumplings, lace dumplings, four dumplings, fried dumplings, spring rolls, coffee, dumplings, ravioli, noodles and the like.

4. Excellent selection, precision manufacturing. In order to meet the main components of precision manufacturing industry, modern food safety and sanitary requirements, dumplings machine, small resistance, good shape, wear pressure, disassembly, easy to clean and durable.

Technical parameter ofdumpling maker machine


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