PLC Control System Heat Pump Food Dryer Rice Flour Noodle Vermicelli Drying Machine

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PLC Control System Heat Pump Food Dryer Rice Flour Noodle Vermicelli Drying Machine

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Heat Pump Food Dryer Rice Flour Noodle Vermicelli Drying Machine
The hot air drying machineis mechanized and fully automatic, adapting to the needs of the development of modern society, and changing the traditional outdated drying method of artificially adding wood, adding coal, turning over, measuring temperature and measuring humidity, which is a good drying in the current market.The hot air drying heat pump machine uses a small amount of electric energy to make full use of the heat in the air to dry the material, and is an environmentally friendly low-energy device that emits no waste water.Purchasing and using hot air drying equipment is the best way to respond positively to global carbon reduction and low carbon environmental policies.

Compared with the traditional drying method, the hot air drying equipment has the following features
1. Use electronic temperature controller or digital display temperature controller to control temperature, and the temperature is accurate and reliable.
2, using tempered glass observation door, safe and reliable, easy to observe.
3, high temperature silicone rubber sealing strip, good sealing and thermal insulation performance, good anti-aging performance


Working principle


The working principle of the hot air dryer is to use the inverse Carnot principle, the refrigerant is compressed by the compressor, and becomes a high temperature and high pressure gas. The gas temperature can reach 100-110 °C, and the high temperature gas passes through the pipeline (copper pipe). Entering the heat exchanger (condenser), and then passing the fan, sending the heat generated by the heat exchanger (condenser) to the drying room to heat and dry the material, and evaporating the heated material in the drying room The dehumidifier is dehumidified or the dehumidifier is discharged to the drying room to achieve the purpose of drying.

Hot air drying equipment can be used for a wide range of applications, such as drying fruits, meat, seafood, grain, herb, rhizomes, wood, and handicrafts.



Number of carts4615

Packaging & Shipping
Inside: plastic bag for the machine.
Outside: wooden case (adopt the wooden case or wooden pellets depended on clients' requirement).
Shipping, train, express, or upon clients’ demands


Our service and customers

Before sale services:

1.Provide the free consultation of the equipment

2.Provide the standard device and the flow chart

3. According to the client’s special requirement, offering the reasonable plan and free design helping to select the equipment.

During sale services:
As your special requirements,we will arrange our professional engineers to negotiate with you ,when you visit our factory, our translators and engineers will accompany,you ca n consult them if any question.

After sale services:

1. Oversea install and debug the equipment.

2. Train the first-line operator.

3. Operation/ Service/ Maintenance Manual: Provided In English.

4. We will provide 1-2 engineer to the client's factory for the installation and teach your workers.

We exported the machines to many countries all around the world, such as Italy, German, Russia, Tukey, Australia etc.Allmost all the customers speak highly of our machines and service, and they continue to buy from us again and again.
Q: How can I get the price?
A: We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please tell us in your email so that we will regard you inquiry priority.
Q: What about the Warranty?
A: We are committed to professional commissioning of each machine prior to delivery to ensure that the machine is best for you. And solemnly promise that you can guarantee the machine for one year, and provide the price of after-sales spare parts service for a long time.
Q: How can I get the sample to check your quality?
A: You can visit the factory, or we can provide you with pictures and videos of the products for you, we can also provide certificates.
Contact with us
Amy Wang
Tel: +8615966659108
Email: sales01@joyangmachine.com

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