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In Europe, America, Japan and Southeast Asian countries, the remote-control model vehicle competition like RC Cars is a sports competition. It is a kind of noble sports and hobby; Participants arrange from 8 years old to 80 years old, and it is a competition which does not have age limit. The RC Cars  competition form is similar to the real life's F1 vehicle race. The competition is carried out on the designated racecourse. The model vehicle competition also has the Pole Position competition and the finals. The competition requests the most rounds in the scheduled time; therefore the remote-control model vehicle's competition is very intense, and everybody tries to overtake each other.

If you want your RC car to run quickly, stably, and win in the competition, you need to consider two important factors:
first: whether the RC car is best adjusted to the tack; thus its biggest potential can be displayed;
second: whether the rider's control level and psychology quality is good.

We used to call the controller: the rider, looks like us to call Schumacher to be the same for the race driver. Just as what we call Schumacher.

The RC car is the combination of high technology instead of a superior toy.

The remote-control model vehicle involves electronics, dynamics, advanced mathematics and so on. Its basic principle is the same as the genuine automobile: The engine (or electric motor) provides the power, the steering system completes our instruction movement (just like we control the steering wheel, but we complete through remote control).

In some well-known colleges and universities (middle school), the second classroom activity may have "the vehicle mold group", and its goal is to sharpen student's ability, enhance response, and cultivate good quality and habit. Compared with computer and the video game, the remote-control model vehicle movement is a beneficial noble sport and hobby! Many oversea families train children to play the model vehicle since childhood which improves children's quality. In the recent years, many "the young master" appeared in the world model vehicle world.

The RC Cars green hand must know.

1. When you receive the goods, before the test flight, please read "the product instruction for use" first, and operate according to the stipulation to avoid unnecessary trouble!

2. Under the similar function, airplane's volume is bigger, and the price is higher, but this model of airplane can actually bring extra surprise to you. It is absolutely above the price in value! If you pay great attention to the performance-to-price ratio, you should quickly order this model of airplane.

3. This model of helicopter has elegant appearance and shape design. The material of the head capsule is the ABS plastic, and the material for the main plane is the high strength carbon models. Its advanced battery is able to provide tem minutes flight time, which goes far beyond the ordinary electric operated helicopter's airplane time. The entire proportion remote control causes the airplane to be possible to adjust the flight height. The disposition flight position adjustment may adjust to the correct flight attitude, and prevents fishtailing. (it has been set when it leaves the factory.

Generally when you receive the goods, you do not need to debug. If accidentally the airplane rotated very quickly, you need to debug again then!
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