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Jier limited

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Jinan is also called "Spring city" because of 72 famousnatural springs scattered in the city, JIER isin the southwest of Jinan and 48 kilometers awayfrom JINAN International Airport. And is 500kilometers to Beijing (Northbound) and 1000 kilometers to Shanghai (Southbound) and adjacent to Qingdaoseaport and Tianjin seaport which is the largestport in Northern China. So JIER enjoyed acondition of excellent traffic and communicationfor traveling or goods transportation......

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- Straight-sided one-point single action mechanicalpress(1,600~30,000kN) - Straight-sided two-point ...
CNC Machine Tools - CNC gantry milling & boring machine/machining centerwith movable crossrail ...

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Company Name: Jier limited
Country: China
Website: http://www.jiermt.com/