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Automatic Softener Valve Runxin (HR-F68A3)

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Automatic Softener Valve Runxin (HR-F68A3)

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Product Details

Features of Automatic Softener Valve RUNXIN F68A3:
1) It adopts the seal slice, scuff resistance, corrosion proof for opening and closing. Mechanical part is more reliable.
2) Manual function: Use hand wheel to carry on manual operation when power off or controller unable to work normally.
3) Keyboard locked function: If the keyboard has not been operated within one minute, it will be locked by itself to avoid incorrect operation.
4) No water flows out while single tank type control valve regeneration.
5) Have output signal connector: There are three output signal connectors on PC board: N/O, N/C. COM which could be connected with booster pump and solenoid valve.
6) One valve has two kinds of regeneration controlling mode: A-01(volume delayed) and A-02 (volume timely). It could be exchanged by adjusting the parameter.
7) It could set up maximal interval regeneration days. Even through the capacity doesn't reach at the set value, but it exceeds the maximal interval regeneration days (0~40 days), then I will start up regeneration.
8) It could set up interval backwash times which means service several times, but backwash one time that is depending on local water hardness.
Technical Parameter:
1) Control Mode: Automatic/Volume Type/Up-flow Reg.
2) Suited Pressure: 0.15~0.6MPa
3) Suited Water Temperature: 5--45degree Celsius
4) Transformer Input: 100-240V/50-60Hz
5)Maximal Water Treatment Capacity: 4.5 m3/h
6) Tank Diameter for matching: 6"- 18"
7) Water Inlet/Outlet: 1"M (Male Thread)
8) Drain Outlet: 1/2"M (Male Thread)
9) Brine Line Connector: 3/8"M (Male Thread)
10) Riser Pipe: 1.05" OD (26.7mm)
11) Base (Tank thread): 2-1/2" 8NPSM
Range of Application:
Household purification, softening system
Boiler softening water system
RO pre-treatment system
Swimming pool filters equipment
Ion exchange equipment
Packing: 4SETS / CTN Carton Dimension: 800*550*240(MM)&

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