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Real-time inventory of SCHNEIDER Modicon PLC 140/170/TSX/BMX/BME Series

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Real-time inventory of SCHNEIDER Modicon PLC 140/170/TSX/BMX/BME Series

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Real-time inventory of Schneider M580 Series products


The new high-end Modicon M580 Ethernet Programmable Automation Controller (ePAC) features Redundant Processors, native Ethernet, and cyber-security embedded in its core and brings:

  • Native Ethernet capabilities
  • High performance High availability for processors & networks
  • Enhanced cyber-security More flexibility in design and greater agility for your operations
  • Smooth modernization solutions

Prepare your plant for the future:

With a built-in Ethernet backbone, the M580 architecture interconnects all your devices and provides continuous communication flow to reap IIoT benefits.


High level of computing power for increasingly data-intensive processes.

Boost your productivity:

  • End-to-end 100 Mbps speed, from top to bottom
  • Application response time up by 10 times*
  • 64 MB memory — data capacity of up by 8 times* (*compared with legacy ranges)

Reduce downtime:

  • Availability rate up to 99.9996%
  • Redundant CPUs
  • Intelligent redundant power supply designed to dramatically extend life span (in Q2 2016)

Protect your know-how:

  • IPsec communications protocol
  • Cyber-security certified (Achilles Level 2)
  • Encrypted password access
  • Strict supervision of firmware and software integrity
  • Easy to configure Cybersecurity features via the Unity Pro platform

Evolve and scale your architectures without stopping the process:

  • Add new RIO drops or new modules in the architecture
  • Hotswap your modules — with automatic reconfiguration
  • Modify channel configuration parameters, application or change variables


Invest in the long term:

  • Capitalize on Modicon's robust hardware platform and Unity Pro engineering software efficiency
  • Migrate or modernize your installed base with a smooth transition to newer technology


Real-time inventory of Schneider M340/X80 Series products

Far more than a PLC, Modicon M340/X80 Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) are built to suit the needs of the process industry and a wide range of demanding automation applications. Modicon M340/X80 PACs can be used individually, but are also the perfect companion to the Modicon M580. Together they can increase the performance, quality, and the profitability of your machine production, industrial process, or infrastructure project.

"All-in-one CPU"

  • 7 K inst/ms
  • Multitasking system for guaranteed reflex time
  • Programmed with Unity™ Pro software
  • USB port for programming and HMI
  • Two additional ports as required: Ethernet, CANopen®, Modbus™.


  • Programming code up to 70 Kinst.
  • Application back-up in supplied memory card
  • Additional file storage up to 128 MB with FTP access.
  • Benefits
  • And more…
  • No battery required
  • Extended temperature (-25°C +70°C) and conformal coating for operation in harsh environments
  • Protection of SI and OEM ‘know-how’ by use of SD card technology
  • Replace or ‘Hot-swap’ I/O Modules without stopping process
  • CCOTF - Configuration Change On The Fly. No need to stop the process to expand system.
  • FTD/DTM configuration tools for ‘plug ‘n play’ device integration. Simplifies configuration, commissioning, and maintenance.
  • Takes full advantage of the flexible Modicon X80 I/O platform. Over 80+ modules!

The Modicon M340/X80 offers in a small form factor flexibility and integrated functions. In the heart of your process, it provides plug-and-play solutions with both Schneider Electric and third party devices. The large capacity of Unity Pro So Collaborative software will ease and shorten programming and commissioning time.



  • Process industries
  • Renewable energies (Solar, Wind power, …)
  • Water, Cement
  • Manufacturing
  • Infrastructures
  • Machines


Real-time inventory of Schneider QUANTUM 140Series products
NWBM85S232 490NRP25400140DAI74000140DDO35301140NRP95400


  • The Modicon™ Quantum™ PACs provide well-balanced CPUs able to provide leading performance from boolean to floating-point instruction...
    5 IEC languages as standard: LD, ST, FBD, SFC, IL, the Modicon LL984 language to facilitate installed base migration.
  • High-level multitasking system
  • Memory capacity up to 7 Mb using PCMCIA extensions
  • Specially shaped for process control applications with conformal coated modules, and an extensive catalogue of partner modules
  • Safety processors and I/O modules to manage safety integrated systems
  • Plug & Play high-performance Hot-Standby solutions with LCD keypad for local monitoring
  • Numerous built-in ports (USB port, Ethernet TCP/IP port with Web server, Modbus Plus and at least one Modbus serial port) on the front panel
  • In-rack connectivity to Profibus-DP, embedded Ethernet router


  • Increase the availability of your architecture with the CRA and CRP Quantum Ethernet I/O modules (QEIO)
  • Thanks to the Modicon X80 drops, expand your architecture and integrate easily your distributed devices in the same network (such as HMI, variable speed drives, I/O islands...)



  • Choose performance
  • Offering a large range of processors, Modicon Quantum is ideal for complex processes. The power of its processors results in optimum cycle times, while integrating ever more communication functions, diagnostics, memory flexibility and data storage. The Quantum Safety system is now available, certified TUV Rheinland, simple to use and ready to be integrated in your automated system.
  • More flexibility
  • Chose the best topology, daisy chain loop, ring, star, bus… for the design of your Ethernet architecture.
  • Higher availability
  • Hot-standby CPUs and daisy chain loop topology improve the availability of your process. In case of cable fails, the recovery time is less than 50 ms for an entire Quantum Ethernet I/O architecture.



  • Process control
  • Safety
  • Infrastructure


Real-time inventory of Schneider PREMIUM Series products



  • With the new Premium processors in the Unity range, there is no need to worry about restrictions…
  • Five IEC languages as standard: LD, ST, FBD, SFC, IL. High performance CPUs with 37 ns per instruction and up to 7 Mb of programme
  • High-level multitasking system
  • A compact system (very high density modules) particularly at ease in extended architectures (distribution of 16 racks in real time without repeater)
  • An extensive catalogue of application-specific modules (safety, reflex processing, counter, position control, motion, weighing, data storage)
  • New High End processors
  • All Ethernet TCP/IP Transparent Ready services: IO scanning, Global Data, Web server, e-mail messaging, direct access to databases, TCP Open, Network Time Protocol, etc.
  • Numerous built-in ports: USB port, Ethernet TCP/IP port with Web server, CANopen or FIP master port, Modbus serial port
  • The widest connectivity offer on the market:AS-Interface, Modbus Plus, INTERBUS or PROFIBUS DP



Winning products right across the board. More flexibility and openness. Premium offers unrivalled performance, reducing cycle times and avoiding any need for optimisation, thanks to the integration of more diagnostics and production data, freedom of communication and access to generic programming.



  • Complex and special machines
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Infrastructure


Real-time inventory of Schneider product in IZE-industries

140ACO13000140DDI35300 490NAC0201 BMENOC0301 TSXASY800
140AMM09000140DDI35310 490NAC0201 BMXAMI0800 TSXAYS800
140ARI03010140DDI84100 BMEAHI0812 BMXAMI0810 TSXCUSB485
140ATI03000140DDI85300 BMEAHO0412 BMXAMO0410 TSXDEY16D2
140AVO02000140DDI85300C BMECRA31210 BMXAMO0802 TSXDEY32D2K
140CHS11000140DDM39000 BMEH584040 BMXCPS2000 TSXDSY16T2
140CPS11420140DDO35300 BMEH586040 BMXCPS3500 TSXP57104M
140CPS12400140DDO35301 BMENOC0301 BMXCPS3540T TSXP571634M
140CPS21400140DDO84300 BMENOC0321 BMXCPS4002 TSXP572634M
140CPS22400140DRA84000 BMEXBP0602 BMXCRA31200 TSXP574634M
140CPU11303140DSI35300   BMXDAI1602 TSXP575634M
140CPU31110140DVO85300   BMXDRA1605 TSXPSY2600M
140CPU43412A140ERT85420   BMXFCC303 TSXPSY5520M
140CPU53414B140NOC78100   BMXNOM0200 TSXRKY4EX
140CPU65150140NOE77111   BMXP341000 TSXRKY8EX
140CPU67160140NRP31201   BMXP342020  
140CRA21120140NRP95400   BMXP3420302  
140CRA31200140NRP95400   BMXPRA0100  
140CRA93200140XCA71703   BMXXBE1000  









What we offer

Engineering and Consulting

Full-service controls engineering and consulting solutions for industrial

manufacturing equipment, including:

Electrical design

PLC programming and repair

Process optimization

Down-time consultation


spare parts from the areas, including:

Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Industrial, Automation technology.


We also maintain stock of Factory Sealed items PLC , HMI for Schneider Electric.

We can provide the Used CPU with any required SV (OS and copro)

The module can passed all the items on our test platform

14 Days Return warranty

Full Working Condition

Provide all accessories e.g. battery, key......



Please contact us for complete stock list or special discount.

If you are looking for any obsolete / Hard to find item, we can help you.


If you have any question for Schneider PLC, please feel free to dial 0086-21-3100 6702 or browse our website: www.ize-industries.com.



Contact Information:

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