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Address: Room 1908-1909, Global Logistic Service Centre, Second Phase, CSC Logistics Area, No. 1 Huanan Ave., Pinghu Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province CN-518111

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Labotrix Group Limited is a globally integrated provider and comprehensive enterprise of education equipment. The overall solution involves a full line of educational and laboratory product research and development, production, marketing and service. The core mission is to serve for education and for the future.

Our Culture

Labotrix Group Limited strives to become the widely-recognized professional leader in educational and laboratory equipment industry. All our work is centered on serving for the needs of the education sector. Labotrix staff holds the vision to contribute to the great cause of the promotion of latest scientific education, practical education and free education to enhance the balanced development of education around the world.

Labotrix Group Limited Core Values

Gratefulness: Labotrix Group Limited will always be grateful to our clients around the world and to the communities our products and services can reach. Labotrix staff are grateful for the opportunities and development in educational field provided by the company, meanwhile, the company is grateful for all the efforts the staff has devoted to making the company to the present stage.
Innovation: Innovation is the source for the sustainable development of the enterprise. All our pursuit of the best quality products, of the better achievements will only be realized through continuous innovations.
Unity: The fundamental element for our enterprise to develop further is to unite all the staffs of the company to ensure the cooperation between all the team members. Equal to the internal cooperation, Labotrix cares about the cooperation with our suppliers and clients.
Practicality: The assurance to achieve the goals of the enterprise is to adopt the down-to-earth attitude and to work diligently to the goal.

Labotrix Group limited was established in 1982, specializing in manufacturing of teaching models and instruments for biology, chemistry, physics, geography and other educational subjects. In 2008, Labotrix Group Limited formally registered in Shenzhen, China participated in elementary/ secondary/ higher education sector development projects, bidding for projects involving the procurement of school laboratory equipment. Our service will enable the clients to retain a single source of supply for diversified items. From the last 2009, Labotrix Group Limited has invested in the research and development of interactive solutions dedicated to widening the scope of supply from precise and practical lab systems and solutions for school experiments at all levels to a higher level of school equipment featured with the implementation of technological advancement in education sector.

Labwe LabLink series of digital lab equipment is a series of scientific and precision tools for experiments. It consists of a series of sensors, together with the datalogger(s) and related software, which can be utilized to measure up, record and analyze the precise data of the science experiments. It gives mobility and precision in the process of scientific learning and research and also convenience in the analysis of the experiment data.

LABWE-TST INFRARED TOUCH SCREEN is one of the touch terminals of LABWE interactive solution family. The unique design of the touch screen embodies our utter pursuit of quality product via technological advancement, our environmental consciousness as well as our user-friendly assertion of our series of products.

Labotrix Group Limited is ready to provide excellent OEM and ODM services in the field of Touch products. We have reliable infrared technology and manufacturing process being tested by large domestic orders over 10,000 pieces, strong support from our R & D team being continuously engaged in product innovation, process optimization. We have assisted many companies from different countries with rapid expansion of sales range and volume. We assure our clients superior quality products, favorable cost, prompt delivery and satisfactory service!

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Bussiness Type: Manufacturer,Exporter,Trading Company,Seller
Market: North America,South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Eastern Asia,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa,Oceania,Worldwide
City: shenzhen
Province: guangdong
Email: sales@labwe.com
Fax: 86-0755-89637377
Country: china
Address: Room 1908-1909, Global Logistic Service Centre, Second Phase, CSC Logistics Area, No. 1 Huanan Ave., Pinghu Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province CN-518111