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XRock-150A Type Manual Rockwell Metal Hardness Testing Machine with Resolution 0.5HR

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XRock-150A Type Manual Rockwell Metal Hardness Testing Machine with Resolution 0.5HR

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XRock-150A Type Manual Rockwell Metal Hardness Testing Machine with Resolution 0.5HR




● HRA is widely used to measure hardness of carbide alloy, quenched hardening steel after carbonized, hardened thin steel strip and plate, etc. For materials HRC > 67, it is more likely to damage the diamond indenter if we use 1471 test force. For those materials, we had better choose HRC hardness scale which has small test force and indentation.


● HRB is suitable to test medium hardness materials such as low and medium carbon steel after annealing treatment, malleable iron, all kinds of brass, bronze, hard aluminum alloy after solution treatment and so on. The applicable scope is 20~100 HRB. when the material hardness is under 20HV, on account of the creep of metal the specimen deformation will last for a long time under the test force. The needle on indicator dial or optical projection scale moves slowly, causing difficulty in measuring precision. While when the material hardness exceeds 100 HV, the shallow indentation depth decreases sensitivity affecting measuring precision.


● HRC is most applicable to testing carbon steel after quenching or low tempering, alloy steel, tool steel, die steel, as well as chilled cast iron, titanium alloy and so on. Generally, we apply HRC scale to test materials HRB>100, and HRB scale to test materials HRC<20 avoiding influence caused by glide of indenter.



XRock-150A Specifications:


Product nameManual Rockwell Hardness Tester
Measuring range20-88HRA, 20-100HRB,20-70HRC
Dial pointer rangeA,C (black) :0-100;B(red):30-130
Preliminary test force10kgf (98.07N)
Rockwell test force60Kgf(558.4N),100Kgf(980.7N),150Kgf(1471N)
Hardness indicationDial Reading
Loading controlmanual
Max height of specimen170mm
Instrument throat135mm
Dimension470 x 240 x 630mm
Packing dimension540 x 420 x 700mm
Power supplyAC 220V/50Hz;AC110V/60Hz
Gross/ Net weight65Kg/56Kg
Execution standardGB/T230.2, JIS Z2245, EN-ISO 6508 , ASTME-18


XRock-150A Standard Delivery:


Instrument main bodyØ1.588mm ball indenterlWeight A
Ø58mm V-shape anvilØ1.588mm Steel ballWeight B
Hardness blockCone diamond indenterWeight C
Anti-dust coverØ150mm Flat anvilAccessory box
Warranty cardQualified certificateInstrument manual



The Rockwell test consists of measuring the additional depth to which a carbide ball or diamond penetrator is forced by a heavy (major) load beyond the depth of a previously applied light (minor) load (SET point).


The minor load is applied first and a SET position is established on the dial gauge or displacement sensor of the Rockwell tester. Then the major load is applied. Without moving the piece being tested, the major load is removed and, with the minor load still applied, the Rockwell hardness number is automatically indicated on the dial gauge or digital display.


The diamond penetrator is used for testing materials such as hardened steels and cemented carbides. The carbide ball penetrators, available with 1/16 inch, 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch, and 1/2 inch diameter, are used when testing materials such as steel-copper alloys, aluminum and plastics to name a few.


Rockwell testing falls into two categories: Regular Rockwell testing (e.g., C and B scales) and Rockwell superficial testing (e.g., 30 N and 30 T scales).


High Rockwell hardness numbers represent hard materials and low numbers soft materials.


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