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630nm Laser Lipo Machine I-lipo Cryolipolysis Cellulite Removal Machine with CE/ISO

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630nm Laser Lipo Machine I-lipo Cryolipolysis Cellulite Removal Machine with CE/ISO

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630nm Laser Lipo Machine I-lipo Cryolipolysis Cellulite Removal Machine with CE/ISO




1.The principle :


1) Cool Technology :
As triglyceride in fats will be converted into solid in particular low temperatures. It uses advanced cooling technology to selectively target fat bulges and eliminate fat cellsthrough a gradual process that does not harm the surrounding tissues,reduce unwanted fat,When fat cells are exposed to precise cooling. They trigger a process of natural removal that gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. And The fat cells in the treated area are gentlyeliminated through the bodys normal metabolism process,to eliminate unwanted fat.


2) Lipo Laser :
Laser for fat reduction, use the 650nm soft laser to destroy the deep fat cells,broke the cell membrane, change the fat to triglyceride, then leave out the body thanks to metabolism.The laser heat can stimulate the subcutaneous dermal tissue collagen and elastic fibers hyperplasia, make the treated area skin tighten and elasticity.



2 . Function :

1) Intensive physical lipolysis to remove fat
2) Excess fat cell melted *Body slimming, cellulite reduction *Smooth fatigue
3) Remove obstruction from channels and collaterals

4) Promote and accelerate the body's metabolism


3. Advantages :


1) technology advantages :



*New Technology Lipo Laser combined Machine..


*Adjustable Lipo Laser energy set from 20-120MW


*10.4Inch Touch Screen


*Imported Diode laser lamp from Japan


*The Latest International Laser Slimming Technology, It is called”No Surgery of Liposuction”


*It use the fastest,most simple,most safe way to lessen the adipocyte,no any side effect to other tissue


*You can see and feel the body shape result at a short time.


*It can let you enjoy the most relax, most comfortable treatment process


*It surpass radio frequency, ultrasound cavitation slimming technology


*Safety: Nonintrusive cold Laser,no side effect


*Fast: One treatment session,can reduce 5-15cm


*Comfortable: Lie down 30minutes,no any stimulation to skin


*Directional: Can reduce anywhere which you want





2) machine and handles design advantages :


machine design :




Lipo laser pads special design :


Screen Size10.4 inch TFT Touch Screen
Cryolipolysis headBig and Small headpiece optional
Lipo Laser Pads8 Pads and 6 Pads optional
WavelengthMitsubishi 650nm diode laser lamps
Lipo Laser Energy0-120mW adjustable for each lamp
Cool Temperature-15℃ to 5℃ degree
Vacuum Pressure20-95KPA
Cooling liquidPure water or Distilled water
Ambient temperature5℃ to 40℃ degree
Input VoltageAC 230V/110V ,50HZ/60HZ


5.Packing and delivery:



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