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Lipo Laser Cavitation RF Multifunction Beauty Equipment Vacuum Roller

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Lipo Laser Cavitation RF Multifunction Beauty Equipment Vacuum Roller

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Lipo Laser Cavitation RF Multifunction Beauty Equipment Vacuum Roller

LED Screen

A) Main screen: 8" TFT Chromatic Touch Screen 

B) Screen of applicator: Screen of applicator 1: 2.4" 

Vacuum: Pulse mode

A) Absolute pressure: 80kpa-10kpa (60.8cmHg-7.6cmHg) 
B) Relative pressure: 20kpa-90kpa (15.2cmHg-68.4cmHg)

Infrared Laser Wavelength




RF frequency


Rollers speed


Laser power

Max 20 W 

Rollers working mode

4 type 

Lipo Laser Mode

8 big pads. 4 small pads. total 69 laser lamps

Energy Density of RF

Max 60J/ c m3

Cavitation Energy


Rated input voltage

AC230± 10%, 50Hz± 1Hz/ AC110V± 10%, 60Hz± 1Hz (optional) 

Net weight


Physical dimensions



Machine Applications :  

1) Body shaping 
2) Body circumference reduction
3) Cellulite reduction/Skin tightening
4) Wrinkle removal 
5) Skin surface smooth 
6) Massage
7) Eyelid area treatment


1). Body shaping system  features revolutionary combination of radio frequency, infrared  laser, vacuum, pulse mechanical roller manipulation;

 2). The safety and effectiveness of the technology have been demonstrated in body contouring and wrinkle removal on any parts of human body;

3). Four heads for body, face, small parts of body, and eyes. It is very effective for skin lifting, skin tightening and body shaping & contouring.

4). Infrared laser system: 940nm semiconductor laser technology, it can penetrate to the skin of 15-20mm.

5). Control system: include true color touch screen, power supply switch, micro computer control system;

6). Vacuum negative pressure and the idler wheel

7). RF: high power RF output system with diode laser

8) Single Multi_Polar RF headpiece for skin tighten

9) 40KHZ Cavitation headpiee for cellulite reduction.

10) 12 Pads lipo laser total 68 laser lamps 

Spare parts :





1.12 Pads Lipo laser pads are used for body slimming .

   1) 8 big pads (every big pad have 8 lamps)  2) 4 small pads (every small pads have 1 lamp)

2.Vacuum roller handles are used for body slimming and skin lifing .

   1) the small one is used for face and arm     2) the big one is used for body and legs

3.40KHZ Cavitation Handel and Sixpolar RF Handle.


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