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Treatment Tips Changeable 808nm Diode Laser Hair Epilation Device

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Treatment Tips Changeable 808nm Diode Laser Hair Epilation Device

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Product Details

Treatment Tips Changeable 808nm Diode Laser Hair Epilation Device

Product Description
Different Colors Available
Main Parts Introduce
Hair Removal
Skin Rejuvenation
Detailed Images
Handles Show
High quality laser module 13*33/13*23/13*17mm spot size
500W/600W/1200W available
Our new diode laser stack technology update with Fast axis compression (FAC) technology to add each bar this cover. Then it will make energy output bigger than traditional laser stack.
Do you know what kind of laser module posses longer lifespan and effective treatment result?
As we all know the laser module is the core of diode laser , laser bars actually are welded by solder. Both AuSn and Indium refers to the solder that used between bar AuSn refers to alloy of Au and Sn (gold and stannum). 80% of it is Au, 20% is Sn.
Software Design
Multi_language Support Hair type/Color/Density Choose Software Engineer Software for public
Internal Structure Display
Cooling System And Inner Part
Acrylic high-end opening injection moulding machine shell It is no bad for the human body,in addition,it is not just pretty good appearance ,but also the smooth inner parts.
1) Water Cooling system and electronic system are designed separately in the structure ,considering safety ,we put the cooling system in the bottom of machine,in case water leaking breaks the eletronic system.
2) Metal Steel Structure inner design ensures inner spare parts safe when ship or move .Reduce the harm risk of collision to the least during shipment.
1.Three Kinds Different Spot Size
13*33mm big spot size design is accessible to fast and efficient to operation for big area treatment.Other 13*23mm and 13*17mm small spot size replaceable,the released energy makes excellent effect on every inch of skin.
2.New FAC Technology Laser Bar
A transparent cover on each bar, it makes each bar emitted light divergence angle becomes smaller,so energy be more concentrated,energy density be more strong.It can improve 20% power than normal laser bar
3.Our Perfect Handle coolling system
Guarantees Truly Frozen&No Pain Treatment .More comfortable treatment for patients
4.Display working status
The area is Silicone material.It can transmitting light.It will show the blue light during the working.
10.4 inch true color screen ,human machine interface HMI.Fool operation interface design,regular training beauticians can quickly adapt to the machine.

Advantage Comparison

Reasonable inner design,strong steel frame make parts fixed,ensure parts safe when shipping.Each line is very clear and it has interface,it is very easy when repairing Strong cooling system MP-20R pump and small pupms ensure machine works well
We use big cooper radiator for machine cooling system it will make water cooling is powerful compare with aluminous radiator , as this design supposed your clinic is very busy. our machine can work continuous without rest,give you good business
Poor quality of the machine, the internal structure is disorder, the unreasonable layout of the machine, causing machine problem is not easy to repair, the existence of dangerous operation.
Others use very very cheap this type radiator, no good cooling effect for water,So if your business is well, this type design will be a problem work 1 hours must have a rest then wait water turn cool,work again.
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