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Zinc Alloy Glass Door Lock , Automatic Intelligent Fingerprint Recognition Lock

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Zinc Alloy Glass Door Lock , Automatic Intelligent Fingerprint Recognition Lock

Country/Region china
City & Province nanning guangxi
Categories Firefighting Supplies

Product Details

Zinc Alloy Glass Door Fingerprint Lock, Automatic Intelligent Lock Without Opening Double Door, Password Glass Door Lock



Glass Intelligent Door Lock
Controlling company dynamics anytime, anywhere
Fingerprint unlocking
Password unlock
Credit card unlock
Key unlocking (optional)


Voice prompting function
Clear voice broadcasting, easy to use, reduce unnecessary trouble


Farewell to tradition
Different unlocking experiences

Live fingerprint
Password unlock
Card unlock
Remote control unlocking (optional)
Virtual MIM doorbell function
Open Door Record Query
Normally open mode


Creating Beauty with Sense of Intelligence
Refresh your vision and experience


Black, Silver


Semiconductor fingerprint head
Fast Recognition, Safety, Fast and Comfortable


APP Open Door Record Query
Controlling company dynamics anytime, anywhere


Remotely unlock the door and do not get up
Easy to deal with takeaway/express brother, more convenient to open the door
Remote control function
One key unlock, one key close


Intelligent lock of security expert around you
Touch screen password unlocking
Virtual password input to prevent people from peeking at and remembering passwords


Intelligent card-swiping unlocking
High Frequency Chip Card Sweeps Gently, Opens the Door Quickly, Small and Portable

Temporary password unlocking of mobile phone
Subtemporary password is limited to Android system, not supported by Apple mobile phone for the time being.


No opening, no wiring
Fixed panel of U-shaped link frame
Insert U-type lock body from glass door side, fix and adsorb firmly


Product Information Parameters

Keyboard/card swipe area
Semiconductor fingerprint head
Button unlock
Sliding cover of battery box
Mechanical rotary switch

Material and Specification
Main Material: Zinc Alloy
Optional colours: black, Silver

science and technology
Fingerprint Sensor Type: Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensor
Open-Lock User Capacity < 499 Groups
Induction time < 0.5S

Use door type: glass door, frame door, anti-theft door
Use door thickness: 10-12 mm
Gate gap requirements: 5mm-10mm



Lock-opening authentication: fingerprint, password, card swipe, remote control (optional)
Language support: Chinese/English system
Stainless steel lock tongue: Yes.
Double-door support:
Left, right and left, open and general:

Voice Tips: Yes
Touch Keyboard: Standard 12-bit Keyboard
Password length: 6 bits
Virtual password: 15-bit virtual password
Working power supply: 6V DC
Emergency power supply: 4 section 5 alkaline batteries
Working Temperature: -30 ~+60
Emergency Power Interface: USB Interface



Fingerprint / APP remote Padlock Parameter


            Finger Point                    360°
              Interface                    USB
       Waterproof Grade                     IP65
               Battery         300mAh Lithium Battery         Unlock records                     Yes          Unlock Ways          Fingerprint,APP remote
        Charge Current               5V,0.5A(Miro)
             Weight                    100g
     Fingerprint Capacity               15 Groups


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