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bosch diesel injection pump parts 0433171693 bosch diesel nozzles DLLA148P1067 for bosch fuel systems

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china lutong diesel parts factory

bosch diesel injection pump parts 0433171693 bosch diesel nozzles DLLA148P1067 for bosch fuel systems

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bosch diesel injection pump parts 0433171693 bosch diesel nozzles DLLA148P1067 for bosch fuel systems                           MY
Product name:bosch diesel nozzles

Model NO.:0433171693  DLLA148P1067

Fuel: Diesel
Component: Fuel Injection Device
Stroke: 4 Stroke
Fuel Saver Type: Electronic
for Ve Pump: Dnopdn Type
Transport Package:Neutral Packing
Origin: China
Car Make: Diesel Engine Car
Body Material: Steel
Certification: ISO9001
Cylinder: Multi-cylinder
Carburettor Type: Diesel Fuel Injection Parts
Trademark: China-Lutong
Specification: diesel fuel injector nozzle
HS Code: 84099199
Shipping Weight:0.5KG/12pcs
working life :80000KM
Warranty:1 year
Quality:100% Tested
Condition:Brand Newcommon rail injector parts
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#bosch diesel nozzles
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Commom rail the main advantages of the common rail direct fuel injection can be
summarized in reduction of exhaust and noise emissions, better fuel efficiency and
improved overall engine performance. The system consists of a high-pressure pump,
injectors, a rail, and an electronic control unit.




China Lutong Parts Plant have been specializing in manufacturing auto parts for 28 years.Our main products include Head Rotor (VE Pump Parts), Injector Nozzle, Plunger/Element, Delivery Valve, Control Valves, Injectors, Cam Disk, Repair Kits,Feed Pump etc.
Our products are very popular in many countries and regions, such as South America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. Based on our proficiency in technical skills and rich experience, we will provide high-quality products and good services for you. If you are interested in our products,please feel free to contact Mrs Sandy from our Marketing Department
We Have advantage :
1) 28 years produce experience
2) long and lasting
3) competitive price and good quality
4) standard packing or as required

China Lutong Parts Plant

#bosch diesel injection pump parts
#bosch diesel nozzles
#bosch fuel systems


nozzletypeModel NOOEM NO
nozzleP type common rail0 433 172 047DLLA142P1709
nozzleP type common rail105017 2830DLLA148PN283
nozzleP type common rail0 433 171 654DLLA150P1011
nozzleP type common rail0 433 171 755DLLA150P1197
nozzleP type common rail93400 8660DLLA150P866
nozzleP type common rail970950 0547DLLA158P854
nozzleP type common rail0 433 175 271DSLA143P970
nozzleP type common rail0 433 175 163DSLA156P736
nozzlecommon rail2 320 913 030CP0722651735
nozzlecommon rail0 433 171 843DLLA118P1357
nozzlecommon rail0 433 172 037DLLA118P1691
nozzlecommon rail0 433 172 040DLLA118P1697
nozzlecommon rail0 433 172 203DLLA118P2203
nozzlecommon rail093400 8890DLLA125P889
nozzlecommon rail0 433 172 045DLLA126P1776
nozzlecommon rail093400 9440DLLA127P944
nozzlecommon rail093400 8900DLLA129P890
nozzlecommon rail093400 9831DLLA129P983
nozzlecommon rail093400 8140DLLA133P814
nozzlecommon rail0 433 171 966DLLA137P1577
nozzlecommon rail0 433 171 945DLLA138P1533
nozzlecommon rail0 433 172 246DLLA138P2246
nozzlecommon rail093400 8870DLLA139P887
nozzlecommon rail0 433 171 855DLLA140P1377
nozzlecommon rail0 433 172 092DLLA140P1790
nozzlecommon rail0 433 172 146DLLA141P2146
nozzlecommon rail0 433 171 822DLLA142P1321
nozzlecommon rail0 433 171 974DLLA142P1595
nozzlecommon rail0 433 171 981DLLA142P1607
nozzlecommon rail0 433 172 015DLLA142P1654
nozzlecommon rail0 433 172 262DLLA142P2262
nozzlecommon rail093400 8520DLLA142P852
nozzlecommon rail0 433 171 695DLLA143P1069
nozzlecommon rail0 433 171 870DLLA143P1404
nozzlecommon rail0 433 171 988DLLA143P1619
nozzlecommon rail0 433 172 039DLLA143P1696
nozzlecommon rail0 433 172 143DLLA143P2143
nozzlecommon rail0 433 172 155DLLA143P2155
nozzlecommon rail093400 7610DLLA143P761
nozzlecommon rail0 433 171 949DLLA144P1539
nozzlecommon rail0 433 175 470DLLA144P1565
nozzlecommon rail0 433 172 045DLLA144P1707
nozzlecommon rail0 433 172 146DLLA144P2273

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