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Safe Winter Flexible Electric Carbon Warm Floor Heating Film for Floor Warming System

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Safe Winter Flexible Electric Carbon Warm Floor Heating Film for Floor Warming System

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Safe Winter Flexible Electric Carbon Warm Floor Heating Film for Floor Warming System


Advantages of electric underfloor heating

Electric underfloor heating is a convenient, efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home.

Unlike conventional radiators, which rely on air currents to heat the home, electric underfloor heating utilises radiant heat. This naturally seeks out the coldest objects and people in the room, gently warming them. In turn, this means there are no temperature differences in the room. There is also no need for unsightly radiators, which means you will be able to use additional floor space.

Radiant heat, sometimes known as far infrared heating, is a highly efficient method of heating your home. The system has no moving parts, so it is easy to maintain, and can be used under all floor coverings.


Soft Heating-Film produced by GUANRUI Technology is a superior and advanced heating material for floors, ceilings,walls and many other place.



Can it damage my floor?

The films in the floor do not attain any extreme temperatures. The temperature can be controlled and adjusted for the respective floor covering.


Are the heating films harmful to human health (infra-red radiation)?

No, they are not. This heating system is very similar to the heat generated by the Sun.

Why choose the heating film for the floor and not a heating cable?

The heating film is evenly distributed in the floor (without gaps), which means that it better transfers heat onto the floor surface. Thermal control is also more precise. The heating cable can be installed only in the concrete layer. The heating film is installed directly under the flooring with all types of floor coverings (except for tiles). In addition, the installation of the film is much easier on principle and also faster in terms of your house construction.

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