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Ultra Sound Blind Cleaner Machine Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine 10 Foot Submersible Transducer

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Ultra Sound Blind Cleaner Machine Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine 10 Foot Submersible Transducer

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
Categories Refrigeration & Heat Exchange Parts

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Ultra Sound Blind Cleaner Machine Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine 10 Foot Submersible Transducer


Ultrasonic method to clean most blinds and shades. This is a tank that has ultrasonic sound waves that vibrate through the water breaking apart dirt and dust particles. The goal is to thoroughly remove all traces of contamination (Dust mite, mold or allergens) that is embedded onto solid surfaces.

For more delicate cloth shades and draperies we offer cleaning with the approved injection/extraction techniques to ensure that your shades are being cleaned according to industry guidelines.


What is Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning?

Ultrasonics is a method of cleaning your window blinds and shades through the use of sound waves. It is fast, gentle, efficient, and safe. No dangerous chemicals are involved in the cleaning process. Ultrasonics cleans the vanes/slats of the blinds, head rail, as well as the cords, strings and wand. Your blinds are like new again!


Business of Blind cleaners:

More & more customers trying to provide cleaning service to their customers.

Cleaning time of each blind is about seconds with ultrasonic.

If we provide cleaning service to customers, profit of each day is US$100.

One month (20 days) is US$2000.

One year (240days) US$24000.

Machine working life is about 5~6 years or longer.



Model No.T-2048ST-2060ST-2072S
Ultrasonic tank size(mm)2200x200x4002400x220x5003000x220x500
Rinsing tank size(mm)2200x200x4002400x220x5003000x220x500
External Dim. (mm)2380x630x6202580x670x7203180x670x720
Ultrasonic power2400W3000W3600W
Heating power3KW6KW9KW
Transducer numbers48pcs60pcs72pcs
Ultrasonic frequency28khz or 40khz
Timer0~30min adjustable
Heater20~80C adjustable
MaterialStainless steel 304
Power supplyAC220V, 3phase , AC380V/415V 3phase
OptionalDrying rack, Drying tray, Air bubble




1. Clean all types of blinds, Including wood blinds, fabric blinds, Vertical blinds ,Roller blinds, Roman Shade, Venetian Blind aluminum blinds, plastic blinds, etc



3M Long Tank - long enough for cleaning several mini blinds at once, and long enough for most vertical blinds as well

2  Separate Tanks - one for cleaning and one for rinsing

3  Drain Pipes - one for each tank

4. Industrial-Grade Transducers: very reliable, efficient, and powerful

5. Durable Stainless Steel Tank

6. Digital Timer for Controlling the Ultrasonic Power

7.Temperature-Controlled Heating

8. Sturdy Casters for Easy Transporting

9. 1 Year Warranty

10. ultrasonic wave generator control


Competitive Advantage:

Agsonic blind cleaning systems include 2 stainless steel processing tanks; a ultrasonic cleaning tank, and a rinsing tank.


Ultrasonic tank

1. Blinds to be cleaned are first lowered into the ultrasonic cleaning tank, where high-intensity ultrasonic transducers will remove contaminants from every part of the blind, including the head rail, and bottom rails which support the blind.

Rinsing tank : 2.After completion of the rinsing cycle, the blind is allowed to drain for a few seconds, and is then moved to the Rinsing Tank, Ultrasonic Blind Cleanerhere tap water is used to rinse off detergent residues from the blinds. Detergents remaining behind will leave residues on the blinds after drying, especially dark-colored blinds.

Drying rack and Drying Rack

Cleaning capacity :It is large enough to clean several blinds at once, and large enough to fit most vertical blinds. For a longer vertical blind, you can either fold it (if it is a cloth blind), clean half of it at a time.

Cleaning time:. With this machine, you can thoroughly clean blinds in under 2 minutes (even with multiple blinds in the tank at the same time).


We are the manufacturer of ultrasonic blind cleaners:

There is no middle man, so you are getting these ultrasonic blind cleaners at the lowest possible prices! we can custom-make one of these units to best fit your needs.


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