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Submersible Ultrasonics Cleaners Immersible Ultrasonic Transducer 28K SUS304

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Submersible Ultrasonics Cleaners Immersible Ultrasonic Transducer 28K SUS304

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
Categories Welding & Soldering Supplies

Product Details

Immersible Ultrasonic Transducers / Submersible Ultrasonics Cleaners


Brief Introduction of the immersible ultrasonic transducers:

Immersible ultrasonic transducers are sealed stainless steel enclosures which allow for adding ultrasonics to parts cleaning new tanks or adding onto existing tanks, equipment and systems.

The number and placement of the submersible ultrasonic cleaning transducers is primarily determined by the volume of liquid in the tank, geometric layout of the existing tank, and load size of the parts. Depending on the size of the tank and parts cleaning application, the Watts of ultrasonic power per gallon or Watts/gal can vary from 30 to 100+ W/gal.


How to install the ultrasonic transducers:

The immersible ultrasonic transducers can be mounted on the sides or bottoms of the parts washing/cleaning tanks, depending upon their geometry. In general, side mounting is recommended for tanks where the depth is more than two times the smallest of the length / width and side mounting the ultrasonics reduces the debris and foreign material from settling on the top of the transducer box which will reduce the ultrasonic effectiveness.


Specification details:

Ultrasonic transducer box size (mm):550x450x100(LXWXH)

Housing material: SUS304/SUS316L

Surface finishing: Hard-Cr plating treatment (20+microns)

Ultrasonic frequency: 28KHz / 40KHz

Ultrasonic transducers: 36pcs

Ultrasonic power: 1800W

Electronic generator: JM-1800, Ultrasonic generator work separately control transducers

power supply: AC 110V/220V or 220/240V, 1,13AMP


ModelMaterialTransducersEstimated volumeBox sizeCable
Ultrasonic frequencyUltrasonic power
(mm)(pcs)(L)(mm) (kHz)(W)
TZ-1003SUS304/SUS316L315250x150x100Rigid tube/
Flexible tube



  1. Submersed in liquid, by bottom-mounting or wall-mounting
  2. Replaceable, expandable, renewable by submersible transducer module
  3. Customized to solve different problems with different frequency, power, shape, size etc accordingly
  4. Multi-frequencies are available by identical transducer or different models of transducer
  5. Full SUS304 to extand the lifespan
  6. For PCB,Electronic parts cleaning




  1. Material: SUS304/316L with 2.5mm thickness
  2. Durability and resistance: coated with Hard Chrome plating
  3. High intensity and efficiency BLT type transducers
  4. Easy and convenient to put in different tanks
  5. Various install methods:

    Place on wall (flexible/rigid tube or flange hole)
    Place on corner (suitable in the absence of lateral space)
    Place on bottom (flexible/rigid tube or flange hole)


Industry Cleaning objects
machinery Moulds, precision parts, pressing parts, camera parts, bearing, hardware tools
electronics PCB board, electronic parts, TV parts, computer parts
Auto industry engine parts, gear box, shock absorber, auto nozzle, cylinder, valve
Plating& painting polishing parts, SUS cutter, tableware, plating
Food industry Oven tray, boiler, bottles, bottle cap, filters
Optical& watch maker 

optical lens, eyeglass, sunglass, metal, gold, jewelry, diamond, watch band,
watch cover, watch hand

others seal, flapper, coins, pottery, bank card, IGBT


Ways to install the immersible ultrasonic transducers:


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