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Flame Retardant AC 400V Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker 40A 50A 63A 75A

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Flame Retardant AC 400V Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker 40A 50A 63A 75A

Country/Region china
City & Province zhejiang
Categories Battery Chargers

Product Details


Flame Retardant AC 400V Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker 40A 50A 63A 75A



UKM30L Series Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker is developed with hi-tech in 1990S with completed protection functions, high performance, smart dimension which is the ideal replacements for the olds.





UKM30L series earth leakage circuit breaker (hereinafter simple call leakage circuit breaker). It is multi function circuit breaker which concentrate left current relay ,leakage circuit breaker and ac contactor on one whole .it was suitable in three phase 4 wire on low voltage electric net which connect the ground directly .it can protect the man which touch the power .it can protect when the circuit and power equipment meet faulty over load short circuit and owe over voltage and lack phase condition.





Frame rated current100250400
Ratedcurrent In(A)16,25,32,40,50,63,75,100100,125,150,175,200,225,250250,300,350,400
Poles3  43  43  4
Ratedvoltage Ui(V)AC690.50HZAC690.50HZAC690.50HZ
Ratedvoltage Ue(V)AC400.50HZAC400.50HZAC400.50HZ
Rated limit short/service breaking capitily Icu/Ics(KA)50/2550/2550/25
Rated Actuation residual current30,100,300, 500mA30,100,300,500mA30,100,300,500mA
Ratedresidual non-operattion current1/2In1/2In1/2In
Rated residual short-circuit making & breaking capacity1/4Icu1/4Icu1/4Icu
Operation charateristic (times) ON / OFF1500 / 85001000 / 7000500 / 4000



Product Feature:


a.  Material: good heat resistance,impact resistance,flame retardant properties.  


b. Easy to install: tunnel type terminals pressure,easy to install and convenient.


c. Securely installed: snap removable teh new design is more flexible use,more tightening.

d. Rapid extinguishing system: interrupter piece with steel material,copper plating on steel, steel to ensure corrosion resistance.

e. Shorted coil: shorted coil using copper manufacturing molding,fine copper.

f. Leading electrical copper: Uniformly thick galvanized copper,can achieve excellent thermal performance.





An ELCB is a specialised type of latching relay that has a building's incoming mains power connected through its switching contacts so that the ELCB disconnects the power in an earth leakage (unsafe) condition.


The ELCB detects fault currents from live to the earth (ground) wire within the installation it protects. If sufficient voltage appears across the ELCB's sense coil, it will switch off the power, and remain off until manually reset. A voltage-sensing ELCB does not sense fault currents from live to any other earthed body.



Temperature compensating curve:




Power Loss of ELCB:




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