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Steady Pressure Industrial Screw Compressor Permanent Magnetic Motor

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Steady Pressure Industrial Screw Compressor Permanent Magnetic Motor

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Product Details

Energy Efficient Industrial Screw Compressor With Direct Drive Silent​



Permanent magnetic motor


  • Reasonable structure and high power density
  • Very small rotator inertia and very fast response speed
  • Ultrahigh intrinsic coercive rare earth permanent magnetic material with strong anti demagnetizing capacity
  • Possible constant torque output within scope of locked rotator and rated rotating speed
  • Special asymmetrical magnetic circuit design, making low-rotating-speed torque ripple small
  • High balancing precision, stable and high-speed operation, low noise and small vibration
  • Full-sealed or high protection-grade appearance structural design

Highly efficient magnetic steel of permanent magnetic motor


Punching uses high-performance low-loss silicon, we conduct simulation analysis of mechanical strength with finite element method so as to make rotator inertia reach the minimum on the condition that enough mechanical rigidity and mechanical strength.

Rotator magnetic steel adopts high-performance NdFeB permanent magnetic material to form sine wave air-gap field.

Axial flow uses the processing method of embedded bond, which simultaneously meets requirements of optical axis and bond axis.


Steady Pressure


It tracks system gas volume changes automatically, and adjusts the revolving speed of compressor accurately with the use of PID (proportional, differential, integral), to keep the system pressure stable.


Start without stamping


  • The variable frequency starting method reduces the impact of the start of the compressor on the power grid and mechanical parts greatly, thus extending the life of the machine.
  • Eliminate invalid transitional period from full-load power to no-load power
  • Avoid excessive no-load power consumption
  • Maintain the net pressure section
  • Reduce the overall average operating pressure
  • System pressure is low, making the system leak declined to a minimum
  • It accelerates with the use of soft-start motor gradually, to improve flexibility, thus avoiding the surge

Similarly, for two models with above rated power 37kw, when load rate is only 605, input power of power-frequency model under ordinary air inflow throttling control is 39.2kw; while shaft power of permanent magnetic power-frequency motor is 23.6kw with electricity saving ratio being 37.5%. If we calculate according to 40,000 operating hours per year, annual electric charge of ordinary asynchronous power-frequency model is RMB 107,200, however, annual electric charge of permanent magnetic synchronous servo model is RMB 65,800, saving RMB 41,400 in each year.


Industrial Screw Compressor Parameters







Air flow





Outlet diameter









1. Before quoting, what should users offer?
1). Discharge pressure (Bar, Mpa or Psi)
2). Air discharge/Air flow/Air capacity (m3/min or CFM)
3). Power supply (220/380V, 50/60Hz, 3Phase)
2. If I don't know the pressure and air flow, what should I do?
1). Take the picture of nameplate, we will advise the suitable air compressor to you.
2).T ell us what industry you are, we can advise the suitable one (so as to air tank / air dryer / air filters).

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