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OEM Air Compressor Screw Type / High Efficiency Oil Injected Screw Compressor

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OEM Air Compressor Screw Type / High Efficiency Oil Injected Screw Compressor

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OEM Air Compressor Screw Type / High Efficiency Oil Injected Screw Compressor


Air Compressor Screw Type ntroduction


Magnetic steel

  • Punching uses high-performance low-loss silicon, we conduct simulation analysis of mechanical strength with finite element method so as to make rotator inertia reach the minimum on the condition that enough mechanical rigidity and mechanical strength.
  • Rotator magnetic steel adopts high-performance NdFeB permanent magnetic material to form sine wave air-gap field
  • Axial flow uses the processing method of embedded bond, which simultaneously meets requirements of optical axis and bond axis.


  • Punching uses high-performance low-consumption silicon steel sheet;
  • Insulation grade of enameled wire is grade C and integral insulation is grade F
  • Shell uses high-intensity aluminum profile shell, appe final optimization through finite element temperature gradient and good heat dissipation effect;

Reduce energy costs

  • When the energy accounts for above 70% of the life cycle cost (LCC) of compressor, the energy consumption optimization becomes essential. In fact, the power consumption for the production of compressed air accounts for over 40% of the total power consumption of the plant, so the energy consumption optimization can even determine its success. Using the permanent-magnetism frequency-conversion technology of Dresdnerlan, we can provide partners for your cost saving. WZS series of products can truly reflect the demand for compressed air, making substantial energy saving become a reality
  • Traditional compressors are operated between two set pressure points using the control methods of "full load and no load". The compressor turns into no load mode when the pressure reaches the maximum. When the air demand is medium or low, the no-load power will be consumed excessively, which will result in large amount of waste.
  • Because no unnecessary power consumption will be generated, the energy cost reduced by the permanent-magnetism frequency-conversion can be up to 35% or more. The life cycle cost (LCC) of the compressor can be reduced by an average of 22%. In a word, compared with the compressor with invariable rotate speed, Wan Beardsley compressor can recover the extra cost within 1 or 2 years.

Steady Pressure


It tracks system gas volume changes automatically, and adjusts the revolving speed of compressor accurately with the use of PID (proportional, differential, integral), to keep the system pressure stable.


Air Compressor Screw Type Parameters







Air flow





Outlet diameter








About US


Wan Beardsley Compression Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is a medium and large-sized enterprise specialized in research, development and production of air compressors. By virtue of fruitful technological strength and advanced and complete production and testing equipments, this company pursues enterprise tenet “Achieve high quality with conscientiousness and create a centennial brand with quality”, strictly performs the commitment “be the most energy-efficient screw air compressor”, continuously seeks for sustainable improvement of products, process and system, and increasingly improves product properties, quality and reliability so as to make out R & D and manufacturing capacity step onto a new stair in manufacturing technology of air compressor. Our product quality has reached internally first-class level, and some products have been exported to and supported Southeast Asia and European and American markets.

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