Super Soft Transparent Silicone Rubber Sheet 1.2MM 10 Shore A , Silicon Pad

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Super Soft Transparent Silicone Rubber Sheet 1.2MM 10 Shore A , Silicon Pad

Country/Region china
City & Province hebei
Categories Plastic Products

Product Details

10 shore A , super soft silicone rubber sheet , silicone pad, silicone roll with clear color

Super soft silicone rubber sheet,

10shore A,

clear color 


Standard size:

1.2mm x 330mm x 330mm

1.7mm x 330mm x 330mm

2.0mm x 330mm x 330mm

2.2mm x 330mm x 330mm

1) Excellent heat resistance, insulative 
2) Waterproof, Fireproof 
3) Quality assurance 
4) Prompt supplies

Soft Thin Thickness Silicone Rubber Sheet 0.5mm


Product Description

1. Product market information

Silicon rubber is an elastomer composed of silicone polymer containing silicon together with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Silicone rubbers are widely used in industry and generally non-reactive, stable, and resistant to extreme environments. Their working temperatures typically range from −55°C to +300°C while still maintaining its useful properties. Due to these properties and its ease of manufacturing and shaping, silicone rubber can be found in a wide variety of products, including the automotive and electronics industry.


Silicone is the widely accepted terminology used among the rubber industry.


Silicon rubber sheet has the combined properties of resilience, high temperature stability and general inertness unavailable in any other foam gasketing and cushioning material. These materials are generally unaffected by extended exposure to temperature extremes from -67°F (-55°C) to 392°F (200°C), and are also unaffected by aging and degradation from sunlight and ozone, making it an excellent silicone foam gasket material.


2. What are the details of our Transparent Silicone Rubber Sheet / Silicon Rubber Sheet?


Silicone Rubber Sheet / Clear Silicone Rubber Sheet / Transparent Silicone Rubber Sheet


Clear, transparent color


1.2, 1.7, 2.0, 2.2mm







Tensile strength




Elongation At Break


Linear Shrinkage



10±5 shore A


top PET sheet, middle silicone, bottom PET sheet


3. Transparent Silicone Rubber Sheet / Silicon Rubber Sheet features
1) Heat resisting, Non-stick, Durable
2) Good high temperature resistant.
3) Excellent tear resistant, oil resistant, aging resistant.
4) Resistance to industrial acid & alkali and good elastic.
5) Non-toxic and odor.
6) Inherently fungus resistant material.


4. Transparent Silicone Rubber Sheet / Silicon Rubber Sheet Advanced Features
1) The unique water permeability, quickly absorb and discharge water, keep the floor dry quickly.

2) With the function of sound-absorbing, shockproof.

3) Insulation performance is good, has the anti-static function.

4) Good soft elastic energy, anti-slip, wear-resisting, resistance to climate.

5) Perfect Safety performance, fall-down damage can be reduced to a minimum.

6) Non-toxic, in accord with environmental protection, health requirements.

7) Easy to clean, clean with water and clean of any tools.

8) Laid easily and quickly. Available adhesive laid, can be directly laid.


5. Transparent Silicone Rubber Sheet / Silicon Rubber Sheet Application Usage

1) Available for gaskets, seals, o-rings, washer.

2) For punching with the stringent requirements of a variety of pads.

3) To be used in the chemical industry & the food industry.

4) Suitable for use in the production of various high-temperature confidential ring, rubber roller, sealing tape and other hardware, electronics, electrical and electronic aviation medical, printing, high-voltage insulated housing and other industries.


6. Transparent Silicone Rubber Sheet / Silicon Rubber Sheet Cleaning Method

First, in used to clean water, each half a bucket of water with 1 cup of fabric cleaner, can make the rubber floor wax looks like new.

Second, using the multi-function detergent solution to clean the rubber floor effect is very good. We first need to read carefully and preventive measures of product labels, before using the best corner on the floor for testing.

Third, remove the footprints of rubber floor can dip in with liquid wax of high steel wool, to gently wipe besmirch wipe out process, reoccupy wet cloth to wipe dry.

Fourth, want to often use cleaner or the accumulation of wax wax remover to remove.

Fifth, solvent products might soften and destroyed rubber floor. Sixth, avoid by all means is flush floor, too much water can make the glue off of the floor.  


Packaging & Shipping

Packaging:  Transparent Silicone Rubber Sheet / Silicon Rubber Sheet packed in carton

Shipping Via TNT, UPS, DHL. 




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