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Rare Earth Circular Neodymium Magnets Round Disk Dia 12mm X 2mm Super Strong

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Rare Earth Circular Neodymium Magnets Round Disk Dia 12mm X 2mm Super Strong

Country/Region china
City & Province dongguan guangdong
Categories Magnetic Materials

Product Details

Rare Earth Circular Neodymium Magnets Round Disk Dia 12mm X 2mm Super Strong


Diameter: 12mm

Thickness: 2mm

Grade: N33, N35, N42, N52

Coating: Nickel

1: Custom any size and shape rare earth neodymium magnet
2: Free design and free samples service
3: 100% payment protection and USD 80000 warranty trade assurance
4: 100% production quality protection with real material
5: 100% on time shippment protection
6: 16 years experience in manufacturing neodymium magnet

 Neodymium magnets are acturally composed of neodymium, iron and boron(they are also referred to as NIB or NdFeB magnets). The powdered mixture is pressed under great pressure into molds. 

The material is then sintered (heated under a vacuum), cooled, and then ground or sliced into the desired shape. Coatings are then applied if required. Finally, the blank magnets are magnetized by exposing them to a very powerful magnetic field in excess of 30 KOe.

Product Description


Rare Earth Circular Neodymium Magnets Round Disk Dia 12mm X 2mm Super Strong

ShapeRound disc (Sintered Neodymium magnets shape can customized)
MaterialNdFeB (Neodymium Iron Boron)
CoatingNi-Cu-Ni, Nickel, Zn, Gold, Silver, Copper etc.
Tolerance in size+/-0.05mm or +/-0.1mm
Magnetization directionThickness, Length, axially, diameter, radially, multipolar

N33-N52;N33M-N50M;N33H-N48H; N30SH-N45SH;N30UH-N40UH; N28EH-N38EH,N28AH-N35AH

Br(kgs)N35(11.8-12.2);N52(14.4-14.8);N35M(11.8-12.2);N30H(10.8-11.3); N30SH(10.8-11.2); N30UH(10.8-11.2); U30EH(10.8-11.2)
Hcj(ka/m)N35≥955;  N52≥876;   N30SH≥1353;   N33AH≥2785
TW(degrees celsius) N35≤80;    N52≤70;   N30SH≤150;   N33AH≤240
ApplicationNdFeB neodymium rare earth permanent magnets are widely use in many different area, such as motors, sensor, speaker, rotors, alarm, microphone, wind turbines/wind generators, magnetic hooks, magnetic holder, filters automobiles and so on
MOQSamples could be offered
Delivery time3 to 10 days for sample, 10 to 30 days for order. (According to the stock information)
CertificationROHS, SGS, ISO9001


Magnetic Properties and Grade of Neodymium Magnets:

  • Thickness Magnetized
  • Axially Magnetized 
  • Diametrally Magnetized
  • Multi-poles magnetized
  • Radial Magnetized
  • Customzied specific requirements magnetized


Our Neodymium Magnets Advantage:

1. High Performance :

 Our neodymium magnet for variable frequency compressor,motor, rotor..
2. High Consistancy :
Our neodymium, (Br) and (Hcj) are much higher than 1.63. The consistency of the surface magnetic field and magnetic flux can be controlled at +/-0.05%.
3. High Working Temperature :
Our neodymium magnet can satisfy the working temperature requirements with excellent temperature resistance. can be in most applications.


Neodymium magnet production flow: 

Neodymium magnet melting-Pulverization-Magnetic filed orientation and molding-Sintering-Semi-finished inspection-Precision machining for cutting-Surface treatment-Magnetizing machine-inspection&packing-Ex factory

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