Lithium Polymer UAV Battery 22.2V Rechargeable Cell 16000mAh

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Lithium Polymer UAV Battery 22.2V Rechargeable Cell 16000mAh

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UAV Battery Lithium-polymer Rechargeable Battery Cell 16000mAh


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Handling Precautions and Guideline For LIP(Lithium-Ion Polymer)Rechargeable Batteries


1. Charging current

Charging current should be less than maximum charge current specified in the ProductSpecification. Charging with higher current than recommended value may cause damage tocell electrical, mechanical and safety performance and could lead to heat generation or leakage.

2. Charging voltage

Charging shall be done by voltage less than that specified in the Product Specification 25.2V.Charging beyond 25.5V, which is the absolute maximum voltage, must be strictly prohibited:The charger shall be designed to comply with this condition.It is very dangerous that charging with higher voltage than maximum voltage may causedamage to the cell electrical, mechanical safety performance and could lead to heat generation or leakage.

3. Charging temperature

The battery shall be charged within 10℃~45℃ range in the Product Specification.

4. Prohibition of reverse charging

Reverse charging is prohibited. The battery shall be connected correctly. The polarity has to beconfirmed before wiring, In case of the battery is connected improperly, the battery cannot becharged. Simultaneously, the reverse charging may cause damaging to the battery which maylead to degradation of battery performance and damage the battery safety, and could cause heat generation or leakage.


1. Storagecondition

When voltage is over 23.4V, battery should be stored in the environment humidity 75%RH,temperature -20~35℃. Storage time should be less than 7 days.

When voltage is 21.6V~23.4V, battery could be stored for long term in the environment humidity 75%RH, temperature -20~35℃.Need to active the battery once every three month, so as to keep voltage during 21.6V~23.4V,

Storage time >7 days, voltage is NOT allowed to be higher than 23.4V;

2. Activate method

Please activate the battery once every 3 months according to the following method:

0.2C charged to 25.2V, rest 5 min,then 0.2C discharged to with 19.2V,rest 5 min, 0.2C charged to 23.4V.



1. Discharging current

The battery shall be discharged at less than the maximum discharge current specified in the Product Specification, High discharging current may reduce the discharging capacity significantly or cause over-heat.

2. Discharging temperature

The battery discharge temperature is -20~60℃,10~45℃ environment suggested when discharge with large current,small current discharge suggested under < 10℃ or > 45℃, Discharged under too low or too high temperature could lead to battery failure or other conditions.

3. Over-discharging

It should be noted that the battery would be at over-discharged state by its self-discharge characteristics in case the cell is not used for long time. In order to prevent over-discharging, the battery shall be charged periodically to maintain between 21.6V and 23.4V.Over-discharging may causes loss of cell performance, characteristics, or battery functions.The charger shall be equipped with a device to prevent further discharging exceeding a cut-off voyage specified in the Product Specification. Also the charger shall be equipped with a device to control the recharging procedures as follows:

The battery pack shall start with a low current (0.01C) for 15-30 minutes, i.e.-charging, before rapid charging starts. The rapid charging shall be started after the (individual) cell voltage has been reached above 3.0V within 15-30 minutes that can be determined with the use of an appropriate timer for pre-charging. In case the (individual) cell voltage does not rise to 3.0V within the pre-charging time, then the charger shall have functions to stop further charging and display the cell/pack is at abnormal state.

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