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Stainless Steel Modular Clean Rooms / Single Person Cargo Air Shower

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Stainless Steel Modular Clean Rooms / Single Person Cargo Air Shower

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Stainless Steel Modular Clean Rooms  / Single Person Cargo Air Shower



Quick Details:


1. Name: Fast Shutter Rolled Stainless Steel Cargo Air Shower

2. Brand Name: Yijing

3. Material: Stainless Steel SUS304

4. Feature: Automatic Control

5. Dimension: Can be Customized




The functions of air shower room:

1. To eliminate the polluting particles, dust and bacilli from the clothes and things;
2. To serve as insulation facility between purification room, sterilized room and polluting areas.

1) Entire stainless steel baseboard
2) HEPA filter with efficiency 99.995% @ 0.3um
3) Toughened glass for the door's window
5) Fully-automatic infrared induction blowers and showers
7) LED display
8) Adjustable range: 0 - 180s
9) Doors will close automatically when activated
10) The closer brand is "OUBAO"
11) Stainless steel nozzle
12) Door control interlocking,has good airtight
13) The air velocity is greater than 25m/s
14) Low noise level
15) Arc corner inside to keep clean
16) Three sides blow wind

17) customers can choose the door guarding system,card reader



How to use Air Shower?


First, enter into the work area and open the door. The door is auto-closed after entering into the air shower. Second, automatic shower starts, then powers off when finishing. Open the other side of the door and enter clean area. Lastly, the door is auto-closed.




1. As the filtration equipment through the action of high strength air flow, the single person air shower room is often used in conjunction with clean room. It can remove the impurity such as dust on the working staff before they go into the clean room. Each side of our product has six nozzles with a wide distribution range. With the mouth diameter of 30mm, the nozzle can spray out the air quickly and the air shower area can be up to 800×900×1960mm. The air shower time can be adjusted in the range of 0 to 99s. Thus, the air shower effect can be assured to be the best level, which guarantees the cleanliness of the clean room completely.

2.The single person air shower room is assembled with foam insulation color siding and aluminum component. It is equipped with centrifugal fan and the primary and high efficiency air filters. The product has the features of elegant appearance, compact structure, easy maintenance and simple operation. Meanwhile, we can produce the people and cargo air shower room with the electronic interlocking and infrared sensing device according to customers' needs.










Applicable Number of People





Air Shower Time

0- 99s (Adjustable)

Number of Nozzle

12 (Two Sides)

24 (Two Sides)

36 (Two Sides)

48 (Two Sides)

Mouth Diameter of Nozzle

Φ 30 mm

Φ 30 mm

Φ30 mm

Φ30 mm

Speed of Air Flow at the Nozzle





Dimension of High Efficiency Air Filter (mm)


600 ×600×120



Dimension of Air Shower Area (mm)

800×900×196 0

800×1900×196 0

800×2900×196 0

800×3900×196 0

Outside Dimension (mm)

1400×1000×210 0




Power Supply

Maximum Power Consumption







Why us?


1. We Provide you the best quality and most reliable products as well as competitive Price!

2. Our door frame of Cargo Air Shower is SUS304 Stainless Steel, best industrial Stainless Steel materials, which is uniform, smooth, antistatic and anti-corrosion.

3. Control from production process:

•Processing workshop - equipped with advanced sheet metal chassis machining centers imported from USA and Japan

•Surface coating workshop –equipped with international first-class coating production lines and adopting high-quality coating materials of international brands;

•The surfaces are uniform, smooth, and antistatic

•General assembly and component assembly – in controlled environments

•Products supply–the company has sufficient capabilities for designing and manufacturing, being able to guarantee timely delivery for customers

•Stocks of all standard products are available, and non-standard products can be supplied in two to four weeks.

4. Control from inspection:

•Microbiological test (microbiological testing laboratories certified by the relevant organization in Japan)

5. Cabinet airtight test

6. The tests of inhalation airflow velocity, decreased airflow velocity and airflow uniformity (air speed and volume testing system)

7. Test of smoke tracing of airflow patterns (ultrasonic atomizer, fog generator)

8. HEPA/ULPA filter leakage detection (aerosol experiments, U.S. imported 0.1 μm large-flow particle test system)

9. Noise detection (noise-damped environment and specialized instruments)

10. Light intensity test

11. Fan performance test (digital photo-electromotive balance detection system)

12. Vibration detection (vibration detector)

13. Electrical safety test (in line with the electrical safety standards for active medical equipment)



Communication with customers



A: What is the function of air shower?
B: Air shower plays two roles. One is to isolate the indoor and outdoor air, and the other is to blow off the ash into the clean room of personnel and tool surface, preventing the pollution into a no dust workshop.
A: We are the first time purchasing air shower, how to choose a suitable model?
B: There is no direct relationship between air shower and workshop area, mainly based on the number of workshop employees. If many people need to use it at the same time, then you might choose a longer air shower channel, which can save waiting time for showering.
A: If we purchase the air shower, could I ask your company to provide installation?
B: Conventional type air shower doesn't need installation, as it is a molded air shower after all testing and commissioning qualified factory to the customer at the floor. After connecting the power it can be used. If it is a large air shower channel, or the work area has site constraints, etc., we will provide professional engineers for installation.           
A: The time of showering time can be adjustable? What is the detailed supply power?
B: The air shower time is 0-99 seconds adjustable time by controlling the relay on the control panel to set; the conventional power supply is 380V, three-phase four-wire, the power supply can also be customized to 220V as per needs. 

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