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Four Way Two Way Hydraulic Control Valve For Log Splitter , Manual Hand Operated Directional Control Valve

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Four Way Two Way Hydraulic Control Valve For Log Splitter , Manual Hand Operated Directional Control Valve

Country/Region china
City & Province suzhou jiangsu

Product Details

4-way 3-position, 4-way 2-position and 3-way 2-position directional valve with mechanical, manual operation

Type WMR(U)6...L6X


- Direct operated directional spool valves with mechanical, manual operation

- Roller plunger

- 19 versions of spools, optional



Directional valves, type WMR/U6.. are mechanical directional spool valves with roller plunger. There are 2 position 3way, 2 position 4 way and 3 position 4 way valves with many versions of spool symbols, the roller/plunger can be rotated by 90°.

The valves consist basically of the housing (1), roller/plunger (2), spool (3), return springs (4), and pushing rod (5). In the unoperated condition, the spool (3) is held in the initial position by the return spring, while in operated condition, the spool (3) is pushed to the expected position by roller/plunger (2) conquering the return springs (4).


Cartridge throttle

The use of a throttle insert is required, when, due to given operating conditions, flows can occur during the switching processes that exceed the performance limit of the valve These throttles are to be inserted into the P-channel of the directional valve.



Technical data

Fluid temperature range-30 to +80 (NBR seal)
-20 to +80 (FKM seal)
Max.operating pressurePort A,B,Pbar315
Port Tbar60
Max. flow-rateL/min60
Flow cross section (switching neutral position)Type Qmm2for symbol Q 6% of nominal cross section
Type Wmm2for symbol W 3% of nominal cross section
FluidMineral oil, Phosphate ester
Viscosity rangemm2/s2.8 to 500
Degree of contaminationMaximum permissible degree of fluid contamination: Class 9. NAS 1638 or 20/18/15, ISO4406


Unit dimensions (Dimensions in mm)

1 Switched position 0 → a

2 Switched position b → a , a → 0, b → 0

3 Switched position 0 → b, a → b

4 Pin

5 Nameplate

6 Mounting surface

7 O-ring 9.25×1.78, for ports A, B, P and T

8 Roller

9 Push rod

It must be ordered separately,

if connection plate is needed.

Type :

G341/01(G1/4),G341/02 (M14×1.5)

G342/01(G3/8), G342/02(M18×1.5)

G502/01(G1/2), G502/02(M22×1.5)


Valve mounting screws:

Internal hexagon screw

M5×50 GB/T 70.1-10.9,

Tightening torque, MA=9Nm

must be ordered separately.





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