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IP65 Outdoor LED Street Light 20W - 70W 50 / 60Hz With RoHS Certification

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IP65 Outdoor LED Street Light 20W - 70W 50 / 60Hz With RoHS Certification

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1. LED Source: Use well-known LED chips, with multiple low power LED integrated modules, and wide
light-emitting surface, uniform illumination and long lifespan.

2.Housing: Die-cast aluminum, modern design with strong tempered -glass cover or PC Lens.

3. Advantages: With PC lens, mild light, high light effect, quick start, radiation free.

4.Power supply: Inside








1.Back cover 2. Power Supply 3. Heat sink 4. Frame for Glass cover
5. Tempered Glass 6. LED Module 7. Lens Option without Glass


1.Energy efficient: This efficient solution lowers 50% energy consumption compared to traditional fixture.
2. Super Long lifespan: More than 50,000hrs.
3.Good for health: No ultraviolet rays and infrared radiation, no radiation, gloss stability, without affecting
color life by years.
 4.Environment friendly: Not harmful elements such as mercury and lead.
 5.Eyesight Protection: DC drives, no Flicker,no eye fatigue with long-term using.
 5.Common luminaries usually use AC drives, Flicker follows.
7. High light effect: Entire lighting efficiency ≥100lm/W
 8.High Protection Class: IP65

1>Meet the requirements of 1: 3.5 between the Pole Height and the spacing.
2> Adapt any angles of pole between 0~20°.
3> Housing as the heat sink to improve the heat radiation and power performance.
4> Convenient to replace with the separated LED box and E-box.
5>Pole Diameter:Φ50/Φ60.
 Firm and reliable: High-strength tempered glass + Die- casting Aluminum, convenient for transportation.


Product desctription 

ModelFixture powerLighting EfficiencyLuminous FluxPower FactorBody DimensionsBody WeightPacking DimensionsPacking Quantity



City streets, pavements, squares, schools, parks, yards, residential areas, factories and any other
places where lighting is needed.




Fix the LED street light on the pole first. Connect right the out-going wire of street lights according to the
requirements. After check everything is ready, connect to the powerful supply. Then the street light can work
properly. he installation steps as follow:
1.Fix pole connector with allocated rotary connector. Put the cable line inside the electric box of light. Fix the
light completely on the pole.
2. Connect the light cable line with power supply according the connecting marks.
AC Input Connecting Mark: N L
N:Zero Line : Ground Line L:Live Line
DC Input Connecting Mark:DC+ DCDC+:
anode DC-: cathode
K:half power control terminal(alternative when need)
K+:half power control anode;K-:half power control cathode
3. Close electric box,screw on, pay attention: do not press on cable.

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