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450mm Stainless Steel Drum Industrial Continuous Centrifuge Pump Feeding 30kw Main Motor

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450mm Stainless Steel Drum Industrial Continuous Centrifuge Pump Feeding 30kw Main Motor

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450mm Stainless Steel Drum Continuous Discharge Industrial Decanter Centrifuge


The decanter centrifuge is the mechanical equipment used for continuously separation the materials in the suspension with density difference, by the principle of centrifugal settling.


The basic principle is the drum and the spiral feeder rotate in the same direction but with a certain speed difference; The material is led into the feeding spiral inner cylinder via the feeding pipe and after speeding up, enters the drum; Under the action of the centrifuge force field, the relatively heavier solid-phase material deposits on the drum wall forming the residue layer; The solid-phase residue is continuously pushed by the spiral feeder to the conic end of the drum and after dehydration in the drying area, is discharged under full-speed running.


It enjoys such features as compact structure, continuous operation, smooth running, strong adaptability to the separation material, large handling capacity, convenient maintenance, etc.


It has found wide applications in such trades as chemical, light industry, pharmacy, food, environmental protection, etc.

For example: adipic acid, alum, aluminum hydroxide, ammonium hydrogen carbonate, ammonium chloride, ammonium nitrate, ammonia sulfate, anthracene, antibiotics, barium chloride, barium carbonate, barium sulfate, benzene, benzene carbonic acid, blood products, blue vitriol, borax, boric acid, pot ale, calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, calcium hydroxide, calcium nitrate, calcium oxalate, casein, fiber, chrome pillow, clay, methylcellulose, coal flotation waste, corundum, velveteen, corn embryo, starch, coconut milk, food oil, fish processing, salt cake, mirabilite, hops, pesticide, diatomite, herbicide, tartaric acid, sodium sulfate, sodium phosphate, sodium nitrate, charcoal black, etc.



Working principle:


1. Participate in the drum suspension liquid layer constituting the ring in the centripetal force, during which the solid particles settle to the drum wall to form sediment. Clear liquid overflow port or through the drum pipette discharged, said parting liquid.

2. When parting ended with manual or mechanical methods discharged sediment. Solid particles in the drum wall settlement process, but also with the axial movement of the liquid stream, the feed is too large, the activity with the liquid to overflow port, but did not settle into fine particles in the drum wall with the parting liquid discharge drum, so that the parting was cloudy.

3. Solid-liquid phase density difference is small, small solid particles or liquid viscosity of the suspension should be selected hard parting parting factor high sedimentation centrifuge drum extending the suspension stay in the moment (for example, reducing the amount of feed or use long drum, etc.), can ensure the parting was clarified.





1. Screw propeller made and Bowl made of SS304 material, bearing adopt SKF.

2. Electric element adopt SIMENS or Schneider.

3. Painting: Heavy anti-corrosion paint adopt national, Fine polish.

4. Electronic Motor is from SIMENS or ABB motor.

5. Electronic control system is from Top brand explosion - proof electronic switch.



All technical parameters:


ModelStructure typeRotating drumRotating speed (r/min)Separation factorProcessing capacity of admixtures (m3/h)Motor power (KW)

Total weight


Dia. (mm)Length-to-diameter ratio
LW220Counter flow type9304.22480028350-17.51500
LW300Counter flow type1200-13504-4.5420030001-3111500-1800
LW355Counter flow type1250-16002.42-4.51380032002-8151800-2000
LW400Counter flow type1200-18003-4.5340030005-10302000-2800
LW450Counter flow type1350-20003-4.53400300010-20302800-3500
LW530Counter flow type228042700215020-30453500-4000


Our service:


Pre-Sales Service

1. Product consulting and design service.

2. Professional production team.

3. Modernize Factory.

Sale Service

1. Quality Control Service.

2. Report, video data of the production

3. Inspection process to our customer

4. To ensure the delivery time.

After-Sales Service

1. Engineer Technical support.

2. Regular spot visit.


Last, besides decanter centrifuge, also we have various centrifuge, like SS/PS centrifuge, SD/PSD centrifuge, SGZ/PGZ centrifuge, tubular centrifuge, disc centrifuge and so on, any need also you can write to me.



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