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Automatic Juice Belt Filter Press Equipment PLC Controlled With Long Service Life

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Automatic Juice Belt Filter Press Equipment PLC Controlled With Long Service Life

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Product Details

Austria technology High Automatic Low cost Fruit Juice Belt Filter Press equipment with PLC control



DY series belt filter press is the national research institutes with the introduction of foreign advanced technologies based on the successful development of new models, widely used in urban waste water treatment, chemical, oil refining, metallurgy, paper, leather, food, coal washing, printing and dyeing industry, sludge dewatering. Machine continuous operation, high degree of automation, energy saving, high efficiency, easy maintenance, is ideal for sludge dewatering equipment.



Belt filter press design features:


1. Austrial advanced technology, beautiful appearance.

2. Big structural rigidity, smooth operation, low noise.

3. Configure the advanced pre-enrichment equipment, sludge flocculation effect, low operating costs.

4. Gravity dewatering zone configuration advanced distributor, distribution of material to extend the filter life.

5. With a long wedge-shaped gravity dewatering zone and dewatering zone, the material dehydrated fully to ensure that material will not overflow in the press area.

6. Rolls arranged in a scientific and orderly system, gravity dehydration, wedge-shaped dehydration, press dehydration were discharged without disturbing each other. Ratio of large diameter roller press dehydration, dehydration effect, the production capacity, energy efficient.

7. From feeding to discharge the cake continuous operation, high degree of automation, PLC interface can be installed as needed, to facilitate centralized control computer.

8. Power transmission by mechanical or frequency conversion speed range, wide adaptability.

9. Backwash device with reliable, guaranteed filter with the dewatering effect.

10. Pneumatic tension and pneumatic automatic correction device to ensure normal operation of the filter with the security.

11. Safe and reliable operation, infrared security and safety of a full range of emergency stop devices.

12. Can be configured according to different materials with different specifications of the filter, filtering and high precision.



Compostion of parts:


1. Frame

2. Slurry distribution device

3. Upper tray of liquid receiving

4. Dehydration roller system

5. Squeezing roller system

6. Tensioning device

7. Middle tray of liquid receiving

8. Washing device

9. Upper adjusting roller

10. Upper filter belt

11. Upper scraper

12. Bottom scraper

13. Driving device

14. Bottom filter belt

15. Bottom adjusting roller

16. Bottom tray of liquid receiving




1. The machine works smoothly, no vibration impact

2. Bade load is 1.6 times of machine weight. The thickness of concrete durface layer, set of steel bar of concrete foundation are detremined by the user.

3. In addition to the side near to the converyor belt, the other three sides is about 1m away from the machine.

4. Making water collection tank is to collect water, also determined by user

5. The unit is mm.



Belt filter press technical parameters:



Filter width(mm)75010001500200025003000

Capacity Into concentration (s.s.1.5~2.5%)

Dry volume(kg/hr)110~225150~300225~450300~600375~750420~950
Moisture content(%)63~84.563~84.563~84.563~84.563~84.563~84.5
Motor power(HP)

Reference Dimensions





Belt filter press typical slurry usage:


Urban sewage treatment, Metallurgical and mining, steel plant, coal plant, chemical, petrochemical, drewery, dyeing, tannery, paper making factory and so on.



Our Company


Our manufacturing base of filter equipment mainly produce full automatic or semi-automatic membrane filter press, recessed filter press, belt filter press, centrifuge, etc. All these products are widely used in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, medicine, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, food, alcohol, inorganic salt, coal washing, and waste water processing industry.



Our service


1. We have professional person on line to advise you the most suitable type of machie according to your requirement.

2. Provide you comprehensive.easy-understanding and detail information and technical data about the machie you interested;solve your confusions or questions about the machine

3. Arrange the schedule if you pay a visit to our factory

4. Send our technical engineer to your area guid the installation,debugging ,training workers and solve the problems if rquired.








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