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JN K Series Lead Acid Battery 10A 20A 30A Solar Controller CE Certification

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JN K Series Lead Acid Battery 10A 20A 30A Solar Controller CE Certification

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Product Details


JN-K Series 10a 20a 30a Solar Controller


Solar panels may make power at very high voltage and current. If all that is fed directly to the battery then it may get overcharged or blast (in extreme cases).A solar charge controller prevents this from happening. It is is placed in between the solar panels and the battery bank to regulate the charging current and voltage of the batteries through solar. It also prevents the reverse flow of current from batteries to the solar panels during night-time.Basically, without a charge controller it is not possible to safely use solar energy for charging batteries.


JN-K DC 12V 24V 48V automatic recognition smart pwm solar charge controller 10A 20A 30A


The controller is suitable for the automatic control of charging and discharging process in the off-grid solar system (independent system). The battery charging and discharging process of the controller is optimized, which can prolong the life of the battery and improve the performance of the system. The comprehensive function of self testing and electronic protection function can avoid the installation errors and system failures which can cause the controller damage.

  • Use CPU processor superior speed performance
  • Common cathode circuit design makes the system more stable and reliable.
  • The high precision A/D sampling to ensure the accuracy of sampling
  • Excellent EMC design
  • 12V/24V automatic identification system voltage or 48V battery voltage
  • Imported MOSFET as power switch, low loss, high reliability
  • LCD display and keypad interface, complete menu display and operation
  • Use of RS-232 communication, the communication speed and communication protocol compatibility are very well
  • The controller with over temperature, over discharge, overload, short circuit protection function
  • The photovoltaic array and reverse battery protection function
  • The 5V DC output, can supply power for the mobile phone or digital products


Product Parameters:


Electrical parameter
Rated voltage12V/24Vauto,48V
Battery max voltage15V/30V/60V
Solar panel max voltage22V/44V/88V
Rated charging current10A20A30A40A50A60A
Charging line voltage drop≤0.7V
Discharging line voltage drop≤0.2V
Static loss0.2W
communicationRS232/RJ45 Interface
USB output0.5A/5V
Over-temperature protectionBelow 75℃ full current,75℃-90℃ half current, above 90℃ off charge
Working environment parameters
LCD display temperature-20℃-75℃
Working environment temperature-20℃-50℃
Storage temperature-30℃-70℃
Protection levelIP30
Mechanical parameters
Wire terminal(㎜²)2.5610101616
Size L*W*H(mm)153*94*46.5207.5*129*69.5
Net weight(kg)0.350.380.401.301.351.40

Battery voltage parameters

(Battery voltage parameters are based on 25℃/12V system,24V system X2,48V systemX4)


Battery parameters

Battery type

Colloid lead acid batterySealed lead acid batteryLithium iron phosphate battery


lithium battery



Over-charge disconnect voltage (V)15.515.513.214.413-16
Overvoltage recovery voltage (V)14.815.012.614.013-16
Equilibrium charge voltage (V)14.614.612.413.813-15
Enhance charge voltage(V)14.214.412.213.613-15
Floating charge voltage(V)13.613.812.013.212-14
Under-voltage recovery voltage(V)12.612.811.512.611-13
Under-voltage shut down voltage(V)10.810.89.610.59-11
Equilibrium charge duration(min)——12012012060-180
Enhance charge duration(min)12012012012060-180
Light control voltage parameters


Light control turn on voltage



Light control turn off voltage

Battery temperature compensation parameters
Temperature compensation parametersMax0mV∕℃∕2V
Default-4mV ∕ ℃ ∕2V (based on 25℃)
Equilibrium, enhance, floating, enhance recovery voltage, low voltage disconnect recovery voltage, under voltage alarm recovery voltage, under voltage alarm voltage, low voltage disconnect voltage‘s temperature compensation parameters are the same

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