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1/2" To 4" BSP BSPT Brass Fitting 90 degree Female Elbow PN16

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1/2" To 4" BSP BSPT Brass Fitting 90 degree Female Elbow PN16

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Product Details

1/2" To 4" BSP BSPT Brass Fitting 90 degree Female Elbow PN16


Namebrass  fittings
Size1/2" to 4"
Packagepoly bag and box packing
Delivery tiomeWithin 25days after receiving the deposit



General requirements


The production shall be in accordance with the first part of the copper pipe fittings: brazed fittings >GB/T 11618.1 standard,


Thread in accordance with <55 degree sealing pipe thread


The second part: >GB/T and 7306.2 standard for internal and external taper threads


Technical requirements


1) copper fittings DN8 wall thickness not less than 0.8mm, DN15 not less than 1.0mm.


2) brass parts must be hot forged


3) material: copper TP2 brass HPB59-1.


4) the product shall be tested for air tightness by 100%


Distinguish the quality of copper:


1, the general need to observe the appearance of copper to judge, the first is to look at the color of

copper, according to the different types of copper to buy different colors to judge,


(1) for copper, red copper color is copper.


(2) for brass, the general color is lighter


(3) and copper zinc or tin, good color to white.


2, the poor quality of copper, copper inside impurities, hand a strip will be broken into two parts, there are black impurities is inferior copper.


3, with a touch of copper surface is smooth, clean, to see if there is no blisters, oxidation, cracking and


other defects. Can also use sharp objects scratch at the top, generally good copper are formed by copper


processing, will have better extensibility. So the copper surface quality will have a deep line for copper,


later struck in brass, and if the outer wall is the same, it shows that the overall quality of the copper part is


relatively high. But if the color or other aspects is not the same, is likely to add some similar iron inside


these substances.


4, the general processing of copper, mainly divided into hard, half hard soft, three kinds of different forms


of flexibility are also different, generally by bending to determine the quality of copper, copper is very easy


to turn off, but if it is difficult to bend or bend after when there are cracks, showed that the quality of copper


is not so good.


Casting brass


Casting brass castings for the production of brass. Brass castings are widely used in machinery


manufacturing, aviation, ship, automobile, building and other industrial sectors, occupy a certain


component in heavy non-ferrous metal materials, the formation of Cast Brass series. Cast brass (cast


brass) most cast brass containing aluminum, iron, manganese and other alloy elements. To improve the


hardness of alloy aluminum, manganese alloy to improve the strength and hardness of iron and


aluminum, with the use of manganese, the brass with high strength and corrosion resistance in air and


seawater. Brass casting of high strength, low plasticity, is generally difficult for pressure processing. With


sand casting, centrifugal casting, metal casting, casting and other casting process, can according to


customer requirements, select the most appropriate casting process according to the workpiece material


and process requirements, good customer service. Si Jianyou perfect, scientific Quality management


system; improve the detection components, mechanical performance testing quality inspection system.


The production process: sand casting, metal casting, centrifugal casting.

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