Internal Climbing 4t QTP 5010 Flat Top Tower Crane

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Internal Climbing 4t QTP 5010 Flat Top Tower Crane

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Internal Climbing 4t QTP 5010 Flat Top Tower Crane



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FAQ for Internal Climbing 4t QTP 5010 Flat Top Tower Crane
Q1: What is the Warranty for tower cranes?
A1: For the tower cranes, we can supply 1 year warranty. If there is quality problem of any parts (excluding easy worn spare parts) on our side during this period, we will supply a new one by free for replacement.
Q2: What is the mean of QTP for tower crane model? And please illustrate.
A2: QTP is classified according to China National Standard.
“Q” is the acronym of Crane in Chinese language (Qing Zhongji);
“T” is the acronym of Tower head type in Chinese language (Ta Shi);
And “P” is the acronym of topless in Chinese language (Ping Tou).
For example: QTP40 (4810) means topless tower crane, the rated lifting moment is 400 KN.m (40 is 10-1 of the rated lifting moment). The working jib length is 48 meter and tip load is 1.0t when jib length is 48m.
Q3: What are the optional parts for your tower cranes?
A3: 1) Anemometer
2) Air conditioner for operation cab
3) Black box for operation cab
4) Remote control
5) Full VFD (Variable Frenquency Drive) control
Q4: How many types of foundation for your tower crane?
A4: The most popular types of foundation are Cross-beam type, Well-shaped type, Base with ballast type and Outrigger type.
By the way, our commonly used one is Cross-beam type. If you need any other type, please let us know when you make the order. Thanks!
Q5: How many countries had your tower cranes exported to?
A5: Our tower cranes had exported to more than 30 countries, such as Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Cyprus, Belgium, Madagascar, Thailand and Algeria etc.
Q6: How to confirm a suitable tower crane model?
A6: My dear friends, please let us know the below basic parameters to confirm tower crane model:
a. Building height or tower crane working height.
b. Max load capacity and tip load capacity.
c. Span or jib length
d. Other Special requirements, such as the power supply, foundation type, air condition and so on.
If any question about tower crane, please feel free to contact us. We are waiting for you!

Specifications for Internal Climbing 4t QTP 5010 Flat Top Tower Crane

Main PerformanceMain Specifications
Rated lifting moment (KN.m)500
Max. lifting load(t)4
Tip load(t)1.0
Working range(m)3~50
Lifting height(m)Freestanding height29
Attaching height120
Mast sectionMain limb (mm)∠160*160*14/Q235B
Section size(mm)1600*1600*2200
Lifting jibUpper chord(mm)Two angle steel 125*10 / Q345B
Lower chord(mm)Two angle steel 125*10 / Q345B
Parallel face width (mm)1040
Counter jibLength(m)11.368
Hoisting mechanismReducerJZQ460
Wire rope6X37-13-1770-1-1right lay
Hoisting speed (m/min)65.14/32.57/7.0 32.14/15.60/3.5
Slewing mechanismReducerXX100,195
Slewing speed (r/min)YOX280A
Trolleying mechanismReducer0.6
Trolleying speed( m/min)YD112S-4/8-1.5/2.2KW
Jacking-up speed

Hydraulic pump station

Jacking oil cylinder

Slewing bearingTypeY132M-4

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