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QTZ5015 Building Tower Crane 6tons Load High Motor Protection Class H

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QTZ5015 Building Tower Crane 6tons Load High Motor Protection Class H

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QTZ5015 Building Tower Crane 6tons Load High Motor Protection Class H


Shot parameters

1.QTZ80(TC5015) Topkit Tower Crane

2. Type: fixed and external climbing

3. jib length: 50m

4. tip load: 1.5t

5. max.laod: 6t

6.freestanding height:40m



1. The Fixed Tower crane base fixed to the ground on a concrete foundation

2. The base is then attached to the mast sections which gives the crane its height.

3. Further the mast is attached to the slewing unit that allows the crane to slewing.

4. The horizontal jib (working arm) is the part of the crane that carries the load.

5. The counter-jib carries a counterweight while the jib suspends the load to and from the center of the crane.

6. The crane operator usually stay in the cabin at the top of the tower.

7. The lifting hook is operated by the operator using electric motors to manipulate wire rope cables through a system of sheaves which lift the building materials


Rated Lifting Moment800KN.m
Rated Loading Capacity6t
Max. Lifting Load6t
Tip Load1.5t
Max. Lifting Height150m
Free standing height40m
Rope length400m
Working range3-50m
Slewing speed0.6r/min
Trolley speed40/20 m/min
Jacking-up speed0.4 m/min
Hoisting speed(a=2)80/40/8.5; (a=4)40/20/4.25
Power supply380V/50Hz or others
Power Capacity46.2kw
Electric switch boxSchneider
Main materials135*12mm/square tube/Q345B
Mast section dimensions1.6*1.6*2.5m


The process features 


1) Automatic submerged arc welding is adopted in the main section limbs and chord boom. It has high thermal efficiency, high penetration, high production efficiency, while reducing the pores and crack defects, increases the weld strength and the beautiful appearance.

2) We adopt carbon dioxide gas welding; it has heat concentrated, a small welding line, high strength and resistance to rust and crack. it can reduce tress and deformation, it has high strength and resistance to rust and crack.

3) Shot blasting is used for masts to strength the hardness of steel surface; enhance the paint adhesion and prolonging its life


Why choose us

1. A professional tower crane supplier in China with 15 years experience

2. Exported to more than 20 countries with ISO9001 & CE & GOST Certifications

3. Hydraulic self-climbing mechanism

4. Variable-frequency slewing mechanism

5. Varialbe-speed frequency PLC control System

6. Operation data display screen and Safety monitoring system (Black Box)

7. Various safety devices



1. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are as a professional manufacturer / factory since 2002 year for 16 years.

2. What is your advantage?

1) We are a manufacturer, so the price is more competitive than the trading company.

2) It is more effective to communicate with the factory, saving more time for you.

3) Timely after sales service

4) We also produce other construction machinery such as construction hoists, derrick cranes and ZLP Suspended Platform to meet your requirements.

3. How do you guarantee your product quality?

We have our professional testing department , and will test the machine all the progress, and will test it after finished and before delivery.

4. I plan to label our logo on your products, is that possible?

Sure it is ok. OEM is available for us. Just send your logo, brand name or picture to us.

5. How about the warranty period ?

The warranty will be one year from the date of shipment. Any detected parts during this period caused by the quality of products will be replaced by seller free of cost (exclude wear and tie parts), improper operation and other man made reasons are excluded.




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