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Tower Crane Series

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1. Brief Introduction
QTZ160 Tower Crane is a new type of large tower crane for construction developed through adopting technology by Shandong Huaxia Group in 2000. During designing, general operations like limited meta count of steel structure parts, parameter optimization of entire crane, stability check of entire crane and choice of each mechanism, etc. are completed with computerized tower crane design platform, which has reached international leading level.
Max. hoisting moment of QTZ160 (6516) Tower Crane is 1940kn/m, and each index of performance occupies leading position among domestic products of the same grade. Its advantages are as follows:

  1. Hoisting arm can reach 65m, which largely increases covering area, and its working scope can satisfy constructions of more than two buildings simultaneously.
  2. It has many working modes with largest application range.

Groundwork is poured on the ground without under frame, and tower crane is fixed directly on the groundwork. This method makes tower crane spare groundwork section and crossing girder, and separate working height of tower crane is 46.2m under such condition.
If construction object is high, tower crane can adopt attaching mode, and hoisting height can reach 161-200m. If it is required to be higher under special conditions, please contact our company.
No matter which kind of mode is adopted, hoisting arm has lengths of 55m, 60m and 65m, which can be chosen according to different objects.

  1. It adopts hydraulic hoisting system to increase or reduce standard sections, which makes height of tower crane rise or fall according to height of construction to adapt construction of different buildings.
  2. Working speed is high, timing performance is good, and working efficiency is high.

Hoisting mechanism adopts double speed double pulley winding motor to realize low speed on heavy load and high speed on light load, and max. speed can reach 100m/minute. Start and brake are steady, impact is small, and operation is convenient. Swing mechanism adopts domestically advanced frequency conversion timing project, which makes start and brake become steady and reliable.

  1. Horizontal Arm Frame and Trolley Radius

The tower crane adopts horizontal arm frame, load is hung in hoisting trolley, and radius is realized through horizontal movement of trolley on arm frame. Compared with luffing jib tower crane, working is steady, installation is convenient, and radius application is wide, which can make hoisting performance be fully exerted, enlarge storing range of construction materials, and make disposal of general construction ichnography be convenient.

  1. Safety devices are complete, and there are brakes fixed in each mechanism, which can ensure working safety. There are safety protecting devices like hoisting height restrictor, trolley radius restrictor, moment restrictor, hoisting weight restrictor and swing restrictor, etc. fixed in tower crane.
  2. Driving room is set separately on side with good field of vision and large working space, which create better working environment for operator.
  3. Operation is convenient, and maintaining is simple.

Electric control system adopts domestically advanced PLC control with automatic malfunction judgment, overload and over moment safety chain protection, motor overtime protection, program controller of famous Japan Mitsubishi Company, transducer of Japan Yaskawa Company, relay of OMR Company and contactors manufactured through introducing technology of TE Company, which makes its reliability be much higher than general electric control systems. It is safe and reliable with less malfunctions.
There is no central collector to avoid disadvantages of short circuit and creepage because of damp and make entrance and exit of driver be easy.
More than 2,800 employees and a countrywide production, sale and after service network ensures strategic advantage on production and design of products of Shandong Huaxia Group.
Products of Shandong Huaixa Group are the best choice for selecting construction equipments.
2.Structure Figure
3.Form of Hoisting Performance of QTZ16

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