350KV X Ray Inspection Equipment Ceramic Tube Penetrant 60mm Directional Radiographic Inspection Machine

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350KV X Ray Inspection Equipment Ceramic Tube Penetrant 60mm Directional Radiographic Inspection Machine

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350KV Ceramic tube penetrant 40mm Directional Radiographic inspection machine




System Installation

1. Check and count all goods to be received per the packing list. And then check the quality of the parts for damage,lost and mistake.

2. Keep the controller in a flat,dry and dustless place, switch off the power and connect the power cable.


The power supply of the unit is single phase 220V±10% 50-60HZ)

3. If necessary,one end of earth wire can be connected to the earth terminal of the controller and the other end to the special grounding wire.

4. Connect controller to x-ray generator by special 9 cores cable,and form better contact.

5. Check the gas pressure gauge on x-ray generator and make sure it range from 0.35Mpa to 0.45Mpa.If not,the unit is not allowed to turn on so as to avoid any damage to the x-ray generator.

ⅱ.Start the Power Supply.

After the equipment is well connected, turn on power switch of the controller(at side panel), the power light will shine,the fans of controller and generator begin to run, in the meantime voice prompt “self-check,please wait”,LED display shows as follows:


When the unit has been ready,according to type of generator,LED shows as follows:


after the self-check is finished,the ready light will shine. in the meantime voice prompt “ready to work”,and the parameters can be set now.

[ Note:


if the generator is not connected to the controller, LED display shows as follows:



At this time you can only observe the status of controller but can not work.Press the "ON"key, voice will prompt"please connect the x-ray generator” ]

ⅲ. Parameter Setting

There are 3 parameters to be set such as kv value,time value and delay time value.

The range of the parameter setting:

KV value : 200kv -350kv;

Time value : 0.1min -5.0min;

Delay-time value:0.1min-9.9min;

Press" U" key,status displays " U",it shows that the operator can set 3-digital kv value now.For instance,input 200,LED displays 200 ,it means voltage of 200KV.


Press" H" key,status displays " H", it shows that the operator can set 2-digital time value now.For instance,input 35,LED displays 3.5 min as time.


Press "A" key,status displays "A", it shows that the operator can set 2-digital delay-time value now.For instance,input 12,LED displays 1.2 min as delay time,and at the same time the delay lamp is on.


If you want to reset the parameter,you can press the corresponding key("U" key-KV,"H" key-Time,"A "key-delay time) and re-enter them.


If the parameter setting is out of scope,press the "ON"key, voice will prompt “wrong parameter setting”,it reminds you to reset the parameters.]

ⅳ.Exposure Procedure

When the parameter setting were completed,press"ON"key, while voice will prompt“begin to exposure”and x-ray light is to flash,it shows that the system is in exposure,time being reduced constantly from preset time (the time can be set by press "H" key)to 0.0,and the system shuts off automatically at the end of exposure, voice prompt"exposure is over,rest”,rest process is the same as exposure,radiating timecan last 5 minutes.voice prompt"work is over”at the end of rest,that means exposure has been completed.When the system is ready again, ready light will be on ,and voice prompt"ready to work”,then next exposure can be started.

[ Note:

The machine will enter into a state of time delay firstly if you set the delay time before press the "ON"key.The purpose of setting delay time is to protect the operator from radiation.]

ⅴ.Warming-up(aging )procedure

If the unit has been suspended for long time,it must go into warming-up mode first before use.

Press″AG″key,it will go into aging status automatically,voice will prompt″begin to age”,the time is to set 7.5 minutes automatically.

The complete aging procedure will run about 15 minutes,voltage ages from 200 Kv to 350KV,it lasts 7.5 minutes and rests 7.5 minutes.

The previous procedures is complete automatically and can be stopped by press "OFF" key at any time.


1.Warming-up(aging)from Min.kv value to Max.The procedure is not over until the voltage value comes to Max.(350KV).

2.When aging,the unit voice prompt:aging,rest, and the ray indicator lamp is on.


The main purpose of training unit makes X-ray tube aging so that its service life is long,in the meantime the generator produces X-ray,please pay attention to your protection]

ⅵ.Trouble Shooting

If the unit get out of control in the states of exposure and aging, such as over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and under-current,etc. voice will prompt,the system will turn off high voltage automatically and return to ready state,in the meantime corresponding protective indicator lamp will be on and indicate the type of troubles.Press"OFF"key for clearing the trouble after you confirm the trouble type, and then try it again.

When the tube head temperature is too high and overtemperature indicator (OV)is flashing, now all keys are unworkable,exposure can be taken again when the temperature return to normal and the unit return to ready state automatically.

If time stops and displays in confusions,power supply must be cut off immediately and check up the voltage,gas pressure of the generator,air humidity and cables connection,after informing it being normal, the machine can be turned on again.



Working Principle

This machine is composed of intelligent controller-ray generator, power cable and connecting cable.

1.The controller will consist of the following sections:

Front Panel: LED display, status and failure indicator, touch keyboards (see the introduction of control panel)

Side Panel: power cable socket and connecting cable socket, power switch,key switch, fuse socket, warning lamp and wire connecting terminal of door-machine interlock.

Internal Circuit: power circuit, rectifying circuit, filter circuit, inverter circuit, control circuit and other circuited.

2.The x-ray generator will consist of the following sections:

X-ray tube, High voltage transformer, Temperature relay, Gas pressure gauge and Cooling fan etc.

3.The schematic diagram of the complete machine:



◆Adopting micro-computer control and modular structure,with strong anti-interference ability and high automaticity and reliable performance .

◆Parameter setting,working process and trouble indication will be indicated on the LED screen.

◆Independent aging key is designed for aging the machine conveniently.

◆Radiating time to cooling time is 1:1.

◆The controller can recognize the type of x-ray generator automatically.

◆The water and dust proof color panel and digital sound keyboard are introduced that exposure parameters are promptly and accurately selected.

◆Ensure safety using the instrument,it is installed with overvoltage,undervoltage,
overcurrent,undercurrent and overtemperature protection device.

◆A unique safety lock is designed that protect the operator from the damage of radiation.

◆Adopting the wider range of kv value, and solve the difficulty problem of short radiographic range.

◆Exposure delay function ------the delay time can be set less than 10 minutes to keep the operator safe from working place.

◆Match with various generator and function reliably.

◆Number of exposure can be accumulated.

(After the unit has been ready,but before press the "ON"key,you can press the "A" key (delay key) three times to check the number of exposure, and press any key to return back.)

◆With the outlet of ray warning lamp and wire connecting terminal of door-machine interlock.

(Door-machine interlock—when the lead door open ,the instrument cut off the high voltage automatically to protect the operator)


Main technical parameters




Max Penetration thickness Steel (A3)60mm
Focal Distance600mm
Exposure Time5min
Film TypeAgfa D7

Double lead foil Intensifying screen

Darkroom Disposal20±2℃
InputVoltage (V)220V±10% 50―60Hz
Capacity (KVA)3.5
OutputTube voltage (KVP)200-350Kv
Tube current (mA)5



Focus mm22.5×2.5
Radiation Angle40±5°
Operation ModeIntermittent operation, Radiating time to cooling time is 1:1



Circuit StructureMicro-computer control ,Modular structure,Voice prompt



CoolingForce air cooling
InsulationSF6 Gas Insulation
Working Pressure0.35Mpa-0.45Mpa
Weight (kg)43kg
Working Temperature-10℃―+40℃





































Introduction of Maintenance

1) Indicator lamp is not on,LED or liquid crystal can't display when power supply has been switched on:

Check if the fan of x-ray controller is running,if not,20A or 2A fuse may be broken or power supply plug is not plugged; if the fan is running, the power panel or power transformer may have a trouble.

2)There is a feeling of electricity by touching controller with hand:It proclaims that the ambient humidity may be high or some part of the unit with the faulty insulation.

For the former cause,proper grounding is required and ensure normal temperature and moisture.

For the latter cause,non-insulated part should be checked out.

3)The system can not be ready after the power is turned on,and″ready″ indicator lamp is not on:There may be a trouble with the rectified loop or short circuit(open circuit)of rectified output,and also may be with output controlling board.

4)There is abnormal sound in the controller or instantaneous cut-off after beginning of exposure or aging ①X-ray tube is leaking or broken down.②High voltage bag is broken down.

Displays in confusions and time stops ①caused by serious discharge of the tube head, pay more attention to aging,if necessary, check the machine by opening the unit ;② caused by the controller being damped,thus ventilation and drying should be taken care.

5)If power supply or high voltage is on,indicator lamp shows confusedly,but the unit is in normal operation: Ambient humidity is too strong and the machine is damped.

6)In the process of exposure or aging ,only"OFF"key is workable for cut off the power supply if necessary.

7)When power supply is on,20A fuse to be burnt out,Two causes account for its occurrence:

A.Burnt out without load(generator)---some electronic component has been broken down in rectifier bridge circuit of main loop.

B.Burnt out with load(generator)---major controlled silicon of main loop has been broken down.

8)When system under status of high voltage or aging,a total of the input current is

increasing near 20A,and the unit still function.it shows trouble with rectifier bridge in main loop,one of the circuits opened.

9)After turn-off the high voltage,the system can hardly get ready again,it shows that 5.l k resistance of main loop opened or the electric grid fluctuation goes acutely.

10)Voltage protection when turn on the high voltage generally:

Trouble with cut–wave loop of main loop.

11)When the switch is turned on ,but fans of controller or generator refuses to run:

①The fans is not connected to power supply,②The fans have been damaged:③The fans are chucked by foreign matter.

12)LED indicator lamp can display other troubles.

13)Ensure not to make more serious trouble,non-professionals don’t allowed to repair the unit.



Standard Delivery

Directional ceramic X-ray tube1 Pcs 
Generator1 Set 
High voltage joins cable1 Pcs25 Meters
Controller1 Set 
Power cable1 Pcs10 Meters
Grounding cable1 Pcs5 Meters
Accessories1 Set 
(Including: alarm lamp,1 Pcs; lead letter, 1 box; Film dark cassettes 5 pcs; intensifying screen 5 pcs; Wire penetrameter (IQI) 1 set; fuse1 pc)


Optional accessories:

Testing platform, IQI/wire penetrameter, lead letter/digits, lead tape, Cassette, lead screen, personal dosimeter, film viewer, densitometer, film developer, dark room light, RT calibration block etc.







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